Here Comes the Bride, All Dressed in…Nude & Black??

Vera Wang’s new Runway looks are certainly turning heads.  For some time now, we’ve seen the influx of wedding dresses accented by other colours than white.  We’ve even seen brides donned in pink, plaid, and red.  But never yet—at least in tasteful society—have we seen nude and black.

Wang’s new line, debuted in New York’s Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2012, showed laced-tulle gowns, exquisitely detailed bodices, and star-worthy skirts.  Some black, some nude, and some having both colours, we can certainly say that bridal fashionistas everywhere are shocked—and we hope—pleased.  I know I am!  Watch the show on BRIDES website here and decided for yourself.

Wang defends her new line by saying, “The fact we did a lot of black made me feel that bridal was being viewed in a much more fashion way” (  We also agree that the brides will begin to feel “sensual” as they choose to don one of Wang’s new gowns for their own wedding.

White will be going anywhere anytime soon; ever since Queen Victoria wore it for her nuptials to Prince Albert in 1840s England, it’s been the colour of choice for the vast majority of brides in the western hemisphere.  However, we are and will continue to see brides braving coloured dressed down the aisle.  It’s no longer taboo to wear something besides white.  Wearing a coloured wedding gown no longer means your “tainted”.  As with everything in modern weddings, it’s merely a question of personal opinion.  Make one of Vera Wang’s new wedding gowns your “something new”!

2 thoughts on “Here Comes the Bride, All Dressed in…Nude & Black??

  1. My daughter is getting married in July. I will have to tell her about your blog. She will love it. Right now, all she can see are beautiful wedding gowns etc. And best of all, she is marry the sweetest fellow. I am so happy for her!

    • Oh that’s wonderful! I’m so happy for her! I hope she likes David’s Bridal ;). Please tell her and her friends to tune in. I’m going to try to do at least one new post per week.

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