The Bridesmaid Luncheon: The Overlooked Celebration

The Bridesmaid Luncheon is a little-known celebration in our modern culture.  Traditionally, it is held by the bride in honour of the bridesmaids, as well as the other female wedding attendants and close family members.  There is however, a lesser known option of the bridesmaids hosting the luncheon in honour of the bride.  This latter option, of course, seems a bit excessive since the bridesmaid would have already thrown the bride a bridal shower, bachelorette party, purchased wedding and shower gifts, as well as their bridesmaid attire.

The luncheon also need not be a lunch.  It can be anything from a morning brunch to a festive dinner.  Formal or informal.  It really doesn’t matter as long as you take the time to properly thank your attendants for their involvement and investment in your wedding celebration.

The Charm Cake

This is the traditional cherry to this proverbial bridal celebration cake.  It can be created a few different ways.  The first way is to bake a pink-coloured Bundt cake with a little trinket such as a ring, coin, or thimble inside of the cake (Pre-Wedding Parties).  The lucky woman who finds it in her slice will be either the next one to get married or “blessed in the affairs of the heart” (Old World Customs and Traditions).

Another way is to write a message or a poem—some type of sentimental message—enclose it in foil, and bake it into the Bundt.  The same happy ending holds true as above for the lucky maiden (“Pre-Wedding Parties”).

The last and most popular way to prepare the cake is to, again, make it a Bundt cake.  Inside the center, leave little charms attached to ribbons that hang over the cake’s sides.  Each bridesmaid will pull out her ribbon out before the cake is cut and discover her charm’s fortune (“The Bridesmaid Luncheon”).  Martha Stewart gives us a wonderful illustration of this last cake (Charm Cake).

The Details

As stated before, the bridesmaid luncheon has no real specifications besides the guest list and suggested time frame.  You and your attendants can have a tea in a local garden, a light lunch in a hotel restaurant, a cheery breakfast on a veranda, or an elegant dinner with multiple courses.  Heck, you could even skip the entrees entirely and have a dessert buffet with free flowing pink champagne or hit the spa for some R & R with your closest pals.  The formality or time of day doesn’t matter as long as all your attendants are there and able to bond with you as well as each other.

Also, the luncheon is not centered around the games and activities that usually accompany pre-wedding showers and parties (“All About Bridesmaids’ Luncheons”).  The real goal of this party is to shown genuine appreciation for the women who are assisting the bride in celebrating her special day.

This luncheon may be the perfect time to present the Bride with “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” (All About Bridesmaids’ Luncheons”).  This, of course, is not required, but will definitely add to the Victorian tradition steeped in the celebration.

Gift Ideas

The Bridesmaid Luncheon is the perfect opportunity to produce the gifts for your attendants.  Jewelry is probably the best gift option to spoil your bridesmaids with.  This way you kill two birds one stone: 1) the bridesmaids have a uniform jewelry look for the wedding and 2) you give them wonderful gifts they’ll love and be able to wear over and over.  Other excellent gift options are handbags–coordinating with their bridesmaids’ ensembles of course, a favourite movie (especially if you’re viewing a movie) such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, Bride Wars, or the newly released Bridesmaids.

Whatever gift you choose, as long as you have your specific attendants in mind, they should be able to appreciate the sentiment behind the gifts.


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