Guest Blog Posts

Fashionbride Weblog:

“Hatted Fun”

Fashionbride Weblog has graciously featured DA Weddings as a guest blogger and we are thrilled to introduce you to “Hatted Fun” which discusses big, lovely hats as our choice for brides everywhere.  And with the inspiration of silverscreen actresses, throwback musicals, young, sexy royals, and American royalty at the annual Kentucky Derby, how can you not considering wearing a hat for your special day? Check out our post today!

Mazel Moments Blog:

“Chuppahs: Traditional, Modern, & Unique”

Mazel Moments Jewish event planning site has honoured me on this Sabbath by featuring my Chuppahs post in their own blog.  If you’ve ever wanted to learn the symbolism as well as the several types of chuppahs (as well as all the variant spellings), then please check this blog post out!

Your Cake & Eat It Too! Blog:

“Table Runner Ideas”

Friend and fellow wedding industry pro, Nicole Winnett of Everything Coordinated Events, honoured me with the opportunity to help her launch her new Table-Top Thursdays blog posts with this special post. If you’d like to discover some quirky, unique ways to change up your traditional table runners, then read this!

Bloomed to Last Blog:

The Bridesmaid Luncheon

Want to learn about the pre-wedding celebration tradition known as the Bridesmaid Luncheon [not to be confused with the bridal shower]?  Would you like some theme ideas to help you decided how to decorate for your own luncheon? Then you’ll most definitely want to check this article out!

Reaccentuated Blog:

Your Blog: Your Voice

This blog on blogging is a must-read for all those of you who are professionals in your respective industries seeking to expand your scope of influence in the virtual world.  If you’re debating whether or not to start your own blog or started, but don’t yet know how to proceed, then read this article.

Party Favor Website Blog:

Wedding Favour Traditions

Have you ever wondered where the tradition of distributing wedding favours came from, how they’ve evolved over time, or what some good favour choices are?  This blog will give you the 411 you need to learn all about wedding favours.

Contributing Author Pieces

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings:

“Personalizing Your Wedding”

We’re very excited that Ms. Nkwocha has invited us to contribute to her newest ebook and wonderful wedding planning resource Weddings, Weddings, Weddings.  My chapter “Personalizing Your Wedding” focuses on what elements of wedding planning will assist you and your fiancé in creating the wedding of your dreams.  Weddings, Weddings, Weddings is available for all ereaders so purchase your very own copy from Mithra Publishing today!

Planning Your Perfect Wedding:

“Budgeting Blunders: Identifying & Overcoming Them”

We’re pleased to announce the presentation of new ebook, Planning Your Perfect Wedding, by British author Jackie Nkwocha. She has graciously allowed me to contribute an entire chapter to her book which I’ve entitled “Budgeting Blunders: Identifying & Overcoming Them”.  The ebook is available in all e-reader formats such as iPad, iPhone, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, all Android devices, and PC as well as audio.  Order your copy of Planning Your Perfect Wedding today!

Purchase on Mithra Publishing site

Purchase on

Honourable Mentions

My Online Wedding Help Blog:

Avoiding Wedding Budget Pitfalls

Fellow contributing writer to Planning Your Perfect Wedding, Bobette Kyle, has graciously featured my chapter in the book entitled “Budgeting Blunders: Identifying & Overcoming Them” in her own blog.  Please read the feature and hopefully, you’ll decide to purchase the entire book!

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