Faberge Wedding Inspiration

If any of you have taken a gander at the Google Search Page today (5/30/12), you’ve seen the absolutely stunning tribute to Peter Carl Faberge and his 166th birthday, famed creator of the Faberge Egg legacy. That is what inspired my post for the day.

Faberge was a Russian genius and artist who created these fabulous eggs of precious metals and jewels. The son of a Huguenot (French Protestant) jeweler father and Danish mother, his parents fled France due to the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes and relocated to Livonia, a former part of Russia.

Now as some of you may know, despite the bloody, cursed history of Russia, they have always managed to produce painfully beautiful arts whether, music, ballet, or literature. It was in this environment that young Faberge was educated. After touring Europe and marrying, he returned to St. Petersburg and took over the family business. The company soon became known as artist-jewellers and in 1885, Tsar Alexander III (the grandfather of the mythical Princess Anastasia) bestowed the title “Goldsmith by special appointment to the Imperial Crown” on the jewelry house. It was this same tsar who commissioned an Easter egg to be made for his wife, and thus began the legacy.  The rest is history!

In keeping with this great legacy, we wanted to round up some unique ways to incorporate this Faberge inspiration into weddings. Cakes and sweets are a great place to incorporate the design. You can commission a cake like the one seen in BRIDES Magazine

or you could be inspired by these other designs, patterns, and sweets such as these Faberge Style Egg cookies made from stencils and Faberge Egg “Bells”.

You could even swap out the usual dessert flags and labels for fun Gold Faberge Egg Toppers.

You can find or create wedding stationary such as these DIY Faberge Egg Card.

These fun Faberge Decorations can be hung around the venues for fuller effect.  You can even have these eggs as centerpieces or wedding cake toppers.

With all the colours, gems, and metals to choose from, there is room for plenty Faberge wedding inspiration!


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