Godly Government


Synopsis: Godly Government is a riveting exposition of what God expects from His children as it regards bringing His government on earth as it is in heaven. He already gave us the authority. Now He expects us to apply it wisely. Godly Government will assist you in achieving that goal.

Overview: Godly Government, released Election Day 2012, is my very first eBook. Written to the Christians, Godly Government is broken down into three segments:

• Part I: “Godly Government” which is a chapter from my forthcoming book project, The Final Hour.
• Part II: A collection of articles on “Godly Government” written by yours truly for Shulamite Women Magazine’s What Say Ye?? column.
• Part III: A Prayer Guide Index for the president, nation, economy, etc.

This is not about President Barack Obama or Governor Romney, red or blue, donkeys or elephants, Democrats or Republicans. It’s about the Church’s responsibility to God and nation to pray—and act—Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in our nation as it is in heaven.

You may view my guest blogs and contributing pieces on the subject as well.

You are also cordially invited to participate in my #GodlyGovernment Twitter Chat which is held every Tuesday night at 8pm, EST. Follow me at @DesireeMondesir to join in the fun, you won’t be sorry!

Godly Government is now available for purchase on iPad, Nook, AND Kindle! I hope that you will enjoy reading Godly Government as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Buy Godly Government today!

Buy Godly Government on iPad

Buy Godly Government on Nook

Buy Godly Government on Kindle


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