About Desiree

Ever since she was a 10-year-old tomboy, Desiree has loved weddings. Presently, she is the CEO and Founder of Desired Assistance, a virtual writing and editing company founded in 2010, which allows her to aid others in meeting their literary needs and achieving their dreams. Desiree edits and writes everything from press releases and bios to ghostwriting and manuscripts. She recently launched a new blog to support her business entitled DA Inspires.

Ms. Mondesir studied English Literature at Oral Roberts University and has also been published in the Gospel Today e-zine, celebrity stylist Jason Bolin’s DENIM Magazine, Boudoir Fashion Magazine, Suite 101 Online Magazine. She is also the author of the new Godly Government eBook.

In her spare time, Desiree maintains her other blog, Dose of Desiree: thoughts on life, love, and God. She is also enjoys reading, singing, fashion, and spending time with loved ones. Desiree is 27 and currently resides in Mooresville, NC.

About DA Weddings

Desired Assistance Weddings (DA Weddings for short), is a new spin-off blog for “all things wedding”. And even in its infancy, DA Weddings is already a burgeoning blog with readership and followers rapidly increasing every day.

In March of this year, we launched our first annual March Guest Blog Campaign highlighting various wedding industry professionals from the U.S., U.K., France, and Canada. It was a wonderful networking opportunity for all involved and a great opportunity to learn from each other’s individual trades while sharing priceless information with our soon-to-be-wed readers.

Desiree and DA Weddings has also been recently published as a contributing author in new e-book Planning Your Perfect Wedding by British wedding vendor, Jackie Nkwocha, available for all e-readers as well as computer downloads through Mithra Publishing and Amazon. Her chapter is entitled “Budgeting Blunders: Identifying & Overcoming Them”.  Desiree is making plans to transform DA Weddings Blog into a book of her own in the near future.

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