For the Love of Feathers!

The Hostess List

So my sister (and by “sister” I mean friend who might as well be my sister) and she brought up the topic of my [hypothetical] wedding. So OF COURSE I sent her the links the ceremony and reception dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, and *MY WEDDING* Pinterest board.

And then she asked me where I wanted to get married. I told her in a cathedral! (Very faerie indeed!) But you know, cathedral rules can be picky–especially if you’re not Catholic. Or whatever denomination built the structure you have in mind. One of the pickier common rules that came to mind was no real flower petals. Much as I love my flower petals, I also love creativity. So off the cuff I said,

“If they don’t let me use flower petals, whatever. I’ll have the flower girls use something else. Like feathers.”

“Feathers?!?!” we exclaimed in unison. “Oooooooooh……!!! I never…

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