Happy St. Patty’s Day!!! (Wedding Theme)

For all you 1) March brides, 2) Celts, and especially, 3) Irish, here’s an elegant St. Patrick’s Day wedding theme just for you!

My Birthday, My Wedding [2013], Part IV

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Wildcard Wednesday: Vintage Cake

In keeping with Monday’s 1930s Wedding Theme, I’m sharing this FABULOUS Maggie Austin Cake creation: Vintage Lace (or so I’ve titled it). How divine is this?? I fell in love with it immediately and could see myself having something similar for my own nuptial shindig–one day.

What do you think of this Maggie Austin design??

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Mood Board Monday: 1930s Wedding

I am IN LOVE with all things Vintage! Especially if they’re super feminine and vintage like this romantic 1930s Wedding theme by New England Fine Living. The cars, the styles, the glitz and glam, it’s all so very Great Gatsby!

There are many ways to capture vintage glory, but I think New England Fine Living did a phenomenal job of it!

To learn all about planning a 1930s theme party, check out this post!

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Sexy Wedding Dresses: How Sexy is Too Sexy?

It’s Day 3 of DA Weddings’s second annual March Guest Blog Campaign and today we’re featuring my friend Driana Branch of Wedding Night Bliss! Enjoy and don’t forget to tweet about our campaign using this hashtag: #daweddingsmgbc.

When I got married, I was a virgin. This means that I pretty much grew up as a huge “goodie-goodie.” And although I don’t regret it at all, there are a couple of things that come along with that lifestyle that started to bother me as I got older.

As a goodie-goodie church girl, I was always taught to dress modestly. I was shocked when my family started to go to a non-traditional church in my teenage years that the girls there didn’t wear stockings! Haha! I came to like this new found freedom and started to mildly resent the (in my opinion) overly modest style that was encouraged by many churches that I was associated with. I learned that it was ok to be a goodie-goodie Christian girl and still be a little sexy. Email me at WeddingNightBliss@yahoo.com if you’re a goodie-goodie getting married, too!

When I had my wedding dress made, I wanted to show my soon-to-be hub what I was working with! Plainly put, I wanted to be classy, but still have a little cleavage goin’ on!

Me on my wedding day.

(Most people will probably think that my dress was SUPER tame, but hey! It was pretty low-cut for my Christian gal up-bringing.)

I say all that to say that I am not at all against a sexy wedding dress. In fact, in my vow renewal (whenever that happens), my dress will probably lean more towards sexy rather than classic like in my original wedding.

But now I’m starting to feel like the wedding dresses that women are wearing nowadays are starting to look like a white, formal, floor length, clubbing dress! I mean, what is that all about? Check out what I mean!

Here are a couple dresses that I find a little too sexy, but others might think are fine.

A little too much cleavage, in my opinion.

photo 1

Her entire back is out! Frankly, it’s teetering on rear-end.

photo 2

The see-through belly area? Really?

photo 3

And then there’s the obviously over-the-top sexy. Also known as, “trashy.” Hehe.

Is this lingerie or a wedding dress?

photo 4

No words needed!

photo 5

Like I said, I’m all for giving hub a slight preview of what he’s getting later that night, but we shouldn’t be making other men fantasize about what it would be like! Especially, if you’re wedding is in a church!

So what do you guys think? Is it just my goodie-goodie ways creeping back up or are these ladies a little inappropriate? Does it make a difference if you’re getting married in a church or not? How sexy is too sexy?

About the Author

Hello world! I’m Driana, The Blissful Wife. I am a stay-at-home mom to a beautiful baby girl, born September of 2011, and I married the man of my dreams in 2008. I’m a born and raised Christian gal, from Southern Cali. I’m the owner of Wedding Night Bliss, a series of 6 live, online classes that give Virgin Brides and Abstinent Brides the information they need to have a blissful wedding night and transition into the first year of married sex. Check out my blog, www.WeddingNightBliss.blogspot.com or send me an email at WeddingNightBliss@yahoo.com if you’re a getting married and say hi! Please also feel free to “like” me on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter, and subscribe to my blog at WeddingNightBliss.blogspot.com.

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Mood Board Monday: The Great Gatsby & Queen Bey

Happy Mood Board Monday!!!

A couple announcements first…

#1: If you’d like to participate in my March Guest Blog Campaign, I’m pushing back the deadline to Feb. 28th for all submissions. Get all the details here and email all your submissions to me at desiree@desireemmondesir.com!

#2: Wednesday Feb. 2oth at 8pm, my friend Driana Branch over at Wedding Night Bliss will be interviewing me in her webinar! Please support me in this new endeavor and tell all your friends about it. It’ll be streaming live from Google + Hangouts on Youtube here.

Now back to Mood Board Monday…!

Today I’m sharing with you an “oldie, but goodie”: my Great Gatsby theme board featuring Queen Bey herself!

If you missed her “Life is But a Dream” documentary on HBO this week-end, you can watch it here!

Great Gatsby Collage

What do you think of this FAB theme board??

P.S. Doesn’t this post just make you ache for Spring and Spring weddings??

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