Rustic Romance: Villa F, A New BAUERs Property

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BAUERs CEO and owner, Francesca Bortolotto Possati, would like to present BAUERs’ newest property: Villa F located in Venice, Italy.  This recently restored 16th century villa officially opened for business in February 2011 and is fully equipped with 11 romantically-rustic units in which one may stay and experience the true Venetian life.

The History

When Bortolotto found what is now known as Villa F, it was completely abandoned; only a remnant of Venetian glory in times past.   But this did not satisfy her.  Bortolotto, a native Venetian, strives to “preserve the culture and historical livelihood of her city” and this is the spirit which impassioned her to purchase and restore the villa.

Villa F once served as a residence for Italian nobility.  It was also very popular in the 20th century when it was known as a high-end pensione called Pensione Frollo.  During that time, it entertained famous actors, painters, and writers such as Eleanora Duse, Mabel Holland, and Gabriele D’Annunzio.

Villa F is now the first and only all-suite residential villa with hotel service in Venice.

The Amenities

Villa F has a wealth of amenities for its guests to experience.  They are as follows:

3 acre private garden (the largest in Venice)

Outdoor meditation pool

Reading room and wine bar with working fireplaces

Winter garden lobby with open views of the city and garden

Original wall frescoes

Italian wood floors and Venetian ‘Tarrazzo” floors

Pure linen and silk fabrics by Rubelli, Donghia, and Jesurum

Custom designed equipped kitchens with wine cabinets by Brummel

Nespresso coffee machine

Oversized tubs with showers made of stone

Spacious closets

A/C, complementary WiFi, iPad docking station, satellite TV, DVD/CD player, movie library

32” and 52” flat screen TV monitors by ANTAREX

Private concierge service

Laundry service

Butler service and shuttle service available

Villa F guests can also enjoy unique privileges such as use of the spa, Ulivo Restaurant (part of the BAUERs collection), as well as complimentary transportation to the BAUER Hotel in San Marco and access to the De Pisis Restaurant.

The Residenze

Villa F consists of 11 private units, up to 9 of which can be connected of which can be connected (three 1 bedroom and eight 2 bedroom residences).  The villas as spread out over 3 floors and are listed below:

Ground Floor

Turchese: 1 bedroom with a living room; 60m/646ft.

Opale: 1 bedroom studio; 70m/753ft.

Acqua Marina: 2 bedrooms with a living room; 150m/1615ft.

First Floor

Residenzaf: 2 master bedrooms with a living room; 300m/3229ft.

Zaffrino: 2 bedrooms with a living room, kitchen, and dining room; 190m/2045ft.

Perla: 1 master bedroom with a guestroom, living room, and kitchen; 150m/1615ft.

Corallo: 2 bedrooms with a living room and kitchen; 150m/1615ft.

Second Floor

Ambra: 1 master bedroom with a library including a daybed, living room, and kitchen; 180m/1938ft.

Giada: 2 bedrooms with a living room and kitchen; 140m/1507ft.

Agata: 2 bedrooms with a living room and kitchen; 150m/1614ft.

Onice: 2 bedroom with a living room and kitchen; 150m/1614ft.

All residences are fitted out with ensuite bathrooms and lovely views.  All kitchens include wine cabinets to conveniently store your wines.

The Location

The city of Venice is one of the number one destinations in the world to visit and a lovely spot for a small destination wedding or honeymoon.  Its rich culture and exciting history are evident to all who visit.

Villa F is located on the beautiful Giudecca Island within the city, once known and named for its thriving Jewish community.  Gorgeous gardens have graced the city, some of which can still be seen today.  Guests can also visit the lovely Palladio Redentore church, erected in 1577 to celebrate deliverance from the Plague.  And all just a 5 minute ride across  the Great Canal from Villa F.  It is an ideal location for a quiet destination wedding or serene honeymoon.

Overall, Villa F is a lovely place to visit when you want to get away while maintaining a rich, homey environment.  For the couple who desires quiet beauty and Old World elegance in the midst of a bustling jewel-of-a-city, Villa F is the place to go.

See original article on Suite 101.


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