Wildcard Wednesday: Bridal Gown

Check out this stunning gown from David Bridal’s Galina Signature collection! It’s lovely allusion neckline paired with its “fit and flare” silhouette make it a stunning pick for many a bride, especially those with a vintage themed wedding. And the … Continue reading

Wildcard Wednesday: TV Brides

I’ve always been a huge fan of TV weddings as I’m sure you are too and particularly, the lovely fashions donned by these fictional, yet familiar brides.

Here are a few of my favourite TV brides!

Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf AND Chuck

Royal Pains’ Paige Collins

TV Wedding Collage_RoyalPains

Here’s the TV Wedding that I grew up on! (A Different World)

Check out these other awesome TV weddings!

Wildcard Wednesday: Boudoir Photography

This is indeed a “wild” card day because we’re discussing the HOTT, new phenomenon of boudoir photography! Disclaimer: My intention is not to offend anyone in this post. And if you are offended, well, I don’t apologise. Why?? Because I … Continue reading

The Fiancé Equals the Spouse (My Guest Blog)

Today I did a guest post for my friend Driana Branch over at Wedding Night Bliss. (If you didn’t see her guest post for DA Weddings, you can read it here.) I happily returned the favour and wrote this post for her. (It also given me a great idea for a book I recently started!) So here’s a teaser of my post and you can read the rest on Wedding Night Bliss. Enjoy!


If you know anything about me, you know that I am absolutely, 100% obsessed with weddings! I can blog about them, talk about them, and watch shows about them for hours and hours on end.

On one particular day, I was watching “Say Yes to the Dress” and this particular bride was a manipulative, catty piece of work. It was one of those episodes where they had the disclaimer that the bride who purchased her Kleinfeld dress did not get married. Wow. That sucks for her! And yet I was so happy for the guy! However the breakup happened, I’m pretty sure that he was able to leave her and find someone who was actually considerate of him, his feelings, his budget, etc. And that’s when it hit me:

The type of bride/groom you are is the type of wife/husband you will be.
Now I’m not married (yet!), but I know a thing or two about weddings. From studying other people’s weddings, interacting with other industry professionals, and from my own “almost” fiancée experiences, I’ve learned that what happens during the wedding planning stage is an extremely accurate forecast of what the marriage will look like….
P.S. If you’re a wedding industry pro, don’t forget to submit something for DA Weddings second Annual March Guest Blog Campaign! Read all about it here!

WANTED: Annual March Guest Blog Campaign Participants

March Guest Blog Campaign Collage_2013

That’s right, it’s that time again! I’m looking for wedding industry professionals to participate in DA Weddings second Annual March Guest Blog Campaign! Last year we had various pros from across the US, the UK, Canada, and France and this year we want YOU!

Who Can Participate??

  • Wedding Planners & Coordinators
  • Wedding & Food Stylists
  • Wedding Photographers & Videographers
  • Caterers & Bakers
  • Florists & Floral Designers
  • Gown & Accessory Designers, Ateliers, Boutiques, etc.
  • Calligraphers & Stationers
  • Luxury Transportation Reps
  • Wedding Bloggers
  • Ceremony, Reception, and Honeymoon Destinations & Venues
  • Wedding Registries
  • Hair & Make-Up Stylists
  • Wedding Budget & Finance Gurus
  • DJs, Musicians & Bands

Anyone in the industry is welcome as long as they can provide the details that will be mentioned below.

What Are You Looking For??

I’m looking for a short and sweet post that will be beneficial to brides and their grooms-to-be planning their weddings and even for those who take part in the wedding industry. (Note: DA Weddings only focuses on traditional weddings a.k.a weddings that involve one bride and one groom.) This is a great way to show readers what your particular company, entity, etc. does, but PLEASE don’t make it an ad or press release.

All posts that read like a mere advertisement will be refused.

Peruse through my blog to get a feel for the type of content. I also recommend doing a “March Guest Blog Campaign” word search (search option available at the bottom of my blog homepage) to glance at last year’s campaign posts.

I reserve to right to refuse any and all submissions that are not a good fit for DA Weddings without explanation.

Post Details

  • 300-500 Words
  • At least relevant HIGH QUALITY pictures to accompany your post
  • A short bio about you and or your company hyperlinked with your contact information
  • A portrait of yourself to run alongside the bio
  • The following details to be included in DA WeddingsWedding Vendor Index:
    • Your Name
    • Your Title
    • Company Name (hyperlinked with your company website or blog)
    • Street Address if Relevant
    • City, State, and Zip (zip or related only if relevant)
    • Contact Email
    • Facebook Page link (hyperlinked)
    • Contact Phone Number
    • Twitter Handle (hyperlinked)


Make all submissions to desiree@desireemmondesir.com.

Submission Deadline

The deadline for all submissions is February 15th, 11:59 pm EST. NO EXCEPTIONS unless prior communication is made and an agreeable other deadline is agreed upon.

How It Will Work

Monday-Friday of every week in March will be filled with your posts. The posts will be mixed up so that there will be a good variety for the readers. I will edit if necessary and upload all of the items to my blog. Your company information will remain in the Wedding Vendor Index until further notice.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to email me at desiree@desireemmondesir.com anytime!

Benefits of Participation

This was not only a wonderful, FREE marketing opportunity for all parties involved, but it is also a wonderful networking opportunity as well as a great way to learn about the specifics of each others’ particular wedding-related crafts.

I encourage you to “like” and comment on each other’s posts as well as to share them all on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Tumblr, and whatever other social media platforms you utilize.

Space allowing, industry professionals are welcome to submit more than one guest post.

If you’re not a writer, do the best you can and the rest I’ll take care of. I also run my own virtual writing and editing company so you need not worry.

I look forward to hearing from you all soon!


Desiree, xx

FLOTUS Bridal Fashions

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Golden Globes 2013 Wedding Wear

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Guest Blog: The Myth of the Virgin Bride

photo[1] (2)

OK, let’s be real! Does the Virgin Bride actually exist? If I wasn’t one myself, I’d probably say no. To clarify, I used to be a Virgin Bride. Now I’m married and have a baby girl, so I think people know I’m not a virgin anymore. The cat’s out of the bag, I guess. Haha (But I do consider myself to be an eternal bride. I’ll always be my hub’s bride, right?) But back to the question at hand, does the Virgin Bride still exist? YES, THEY DO!!

Claire Pettibone Lingerie

The “Myth of the Virgin Bride” is that we don’t exist. (I like to say “we” for solidarity.) We’re counted along the ranks of unicorns, fairies, and pixie dust. By the way, I think we can all agree that life would be a WHOLE lot better if those things did exist. Especially unicorns!!! Sadly, they don’t, but HELLO!!! Virgin Brides totally exist. I’d like to add Abstinent Bride to the list, as well. You may have had sex in the past, but decided to not have sex again until marriage. Well, you know what? You’re on the “Myth List,” too!


During the past year, I’ve been on a mad search for virgins and “abstain-ians,” as I like to call them. And I have to say, it’s nearly impossible! Haha! I can absolutely understand why they’ve been put on the “Myth List.” Not only are they hard to find, but there’s just not that many out there. I read somewhere that the virginity rate is around 4%. Eek!


You may be wondering why I’m so obsessed with virgins! Here’s why. I have an online course for Virgin and Abstinent Brides, called Wedding Night Bliss. Wedding Night Bliss offers 6 live, online classes to help Virgin Brides and Abstinent Brides have the most blissful wedding night and transition into married sex possible.


I need to find them so I can help them! Although saving one’s self for marriage is a beautiful thing, it does come with some potential pitfalls. I find that these brides are so busy ignoring anything sexual that they don’t prepare themselves for married sex. Then they have problems in their marriage. It may sound strange, but it’s pretty common. If you’ve waited your whole life to have sex, it’s not fair to have problems in your sex life once you’re married.


But that’s not going to happen to you!!! Because you’re going to email me at WeddingNightBliss@yahoo.com so I can help you have the most blissful wedding night and married sex possible! Wedding Night Bliss will prepare you to go from Virgin Bride to Sex Vixen. And if you have a friend that is a Virgin or Abstinent Bride, pass this post along to them! Don’t you want your friend to have a great sex life! Let’s prove to the world that we do exist!


The Blissful Wife

About the Author

Hello world! I’m Driana, The Blissful Wife. I am a stay-at-home mom to a beautiful baby girl, born September of 2011, and I married the man of my dreams in 2008. I’m a born and raised Christian gal, from Southern Cali. I’m the owner of Wedding Night Bliss, a series of 6 live, online classes that give Virgin Brides and Abstinent Brides the information they need to have a blissful wedding night and transition into the first year of married sex. Check out my blog, www.WeddingNightBliss.blogspot.com or send me an email at WeddingNightBliss@yahoo.com if you’re a getting married and say hi! Please also feel free to “like” me on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter, and subscribe to my blog at WeddingNightBliss.blogspot.com.

Cruella de Vil Bridal Inspiration

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