Foodie Friday: Vanilla Slice Krempita

Vanilla Slice - like a vanilla custard pie bar, delicious - and so simple!

I found this yummy recipe on Pinterest and was compelled to share it with you! Found on Pia Recipes and originally, Cafe Chocolada, this tasty Vanilla Slice Krempita recipe would be lovely at your wedding reception!

Shoot the recipe below to your caterer and bake away!


  • 2 sheets of puff pastry
  • 1,5 l / 6 1/3 cups milk
  • 150 g / 5 ¼ oz corn starch
  • 3 packets (9g each) vanilla sugar
  • 8 egg yolks
  • 200 g / 7 oz sugar
  • 8 oz whipping cream + 1 stabilizer


Let the puff pastry sheets thaw, the roll them out on a lightly floured surface, and bake according to directions on a jelly roll pan. Let them cool, and then cut out the shape according to the size of the square pan you will use. I used 9 inch x 13 inch. Once you cut them to the shape of the pan, cut one sheet into squares (I made 12); that will be the top of the cake.

Cream: Mix egg yolks with sugar, until frothy. Add a cup of milk (out of the 6 1/3 cups), and corn starch, and mix well. Set the reminder of milk with vanilla sugar added, to boil, and when it comes to a boil, slowly mix in the yolk mixture, and stir constantly for a minute. Transfer to a large mixing bowl, and let cool completely. When cooled, add the whipped whipping cream, whipped with a stabilizer.

Now put the whole sheet on the bottom of the pan, and spread the filling over it. Arrange the cut out sheet on top. Refrigerate for few hours before serving. Dust with powdered sugar.

Instead of the top sheet of puff pastry, you can put whipped cream, and so on. Suit yourself, and enjoy : )

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Foodie Friday: Speculaas Cookies

Aren’t you just captivated by this cunning little cookies?! Found on Pinterest, this “Martha recipe” (Martha Stewart) these Speculaas Cookies, spiced and skewed would make the perfect addition to any dessert buffet at your reception, shower, or other wedding-related event!

What do you think about these delectably delicate little cookies?!

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Foodie Friday: Baklava Cheesecake

Here’s another goodie for your reception’s dessert buffet! Baklava Cheesecake! Turkish, Jewish, Eastern European, and foodie brides across the world unite! If you’re a cheesecake lover or a baklava lover, why not combine the two into the single FAB dessert?! I’m salivating just thinking about it! (I just realised that I’ve used an exclamation point in every sentence until now. You should be able to feel my joy.)

Visit Sprinkle Bakes, get the recipe, and have your baker whip up this delicacy for your special day!

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Foodie Friday: Summer Berry Pudding

OK, so it’s not Friday, but it’s still time for a great wedding foodie recipe!

Today, we’re featuring this FAB and incredibly delicious Summer Berry Pudding recipe! Tracked down on Pinterest, this ultra British recipe hails from Cook Sister. This foodie pick also goes well with Monday’s Elegant Country Wedding theme. So if you’re having an English inspired wedding, Downton Abbey inspired wedding, or just want some bomb berry pudding at your reception, have your caterers whip up this delish dish and wow your guests! 

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Foodie Friday: Mini Red Velvet Cheesecakes

CHOCOLATE + RED VELVET = HEAVEN!! And who wouldn’t want a whole lotta heaven at their wedding reception?? I found this to-die-for recipe from Baked by Rachel on Pinterest!

Will you add these crazily-amazing minis to your wedding reception menu?!

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Foodie Friday: Laduree Vanilla Eclairs

I do know about you, but I have a MAJOR sweet tooth, especially for richly created pastries like this week’s Foodie Friday pick: Laduree Vanilla Eclairs. (Although I would prefer it in chocolate!) I scouted out this recipe on Pinterest, however, it hails originally from the Kitchen Wench blog by Ellie Won.

What a perfectly delectable dessert for your wedding festivities!

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Foodie Friday: Biscuits Roses de Reims and Rose Yogurt

I found this delectable wedding snack on Pinterest! You can find the recipe for both the Biscuits Roses de Reims and Rose Yogurt on Food and Cook’s website (I had to translate it from Spanish to English) and you may also see the lovely drink and biscuits in a lovely Mint Wedding Theme on A Low Country Wedding’s blog! Enjoy!

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Foodie Friday: Easter Dessert Buffets

I found this awesome Easter Dessert Buffet on The Sweetest Occasion and it’s ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!

If you have a wedding that’s near Easter, then this is the perfect concept to go with! There’s nothing more lovely than an Easter celebration whether it be the undeniably tasty food or the utterly elegant decor!

Source: “Pretty + Understated Wedding Luxury” on The Sweetest Occasion

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Foodie Friday: Blueberry Ice Cream Cheesecake

Oh wouldn’t it be loverly?? Indeed it would! I have never seen a more beautiful cheesecake, more than perfect to grace any wedding reception, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or other wedding-related event!

Will you select this fabulous Blueberry Ice Cream Cheesecake for your wedding menu??

Blueberry Ice Cream Cheesecake 

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Foodie Friday: Heart-Shaped Crème Brûlées

Now on Bloglovin!

OK, it’s official: DA Weddings’ first Foodie Friday! I’m excited! Aren’t YOU??

In the spirit of the fast-approaching Valentine’s Day, I’ve sought out these darling and delectable Heart-Shaped Crème Brûlées to share with you.

Baked by Susan Gage Caterers, these treats are PERFECT for a Valentine’s wedding!

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