I hope you’ve all had a happy Thanksgiving or a lovely start to Hanukkah, or both (Thanksgivukkah!) and eaten all the food you desire! It light of the new Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie release, I wanted to do another Hunger … Continue reading

My Birthday, My Wedding [2013], Part IV

Well it’s the last Wednesday of the month (can you believe it??) so it’s time for my last “my birthday, my wedding” theme selection so why not go out with a big, white bang?! Oh, and I almost forgot…. To … Continue reading

Wildcard Wednesday: True Vintage Paris Inspiration

There’s nothing like vintage photos to provide vintage inspiration. So with that in mind, here are some beyond FAB Parisian vintage wedding pix!

+~+~ Vintage Photograph ~+~+  French industrialist Paul-Louis Weiller  and Greek model Aliki Diplarakou on their wedding day in Paris in 1932.

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Mariette van Steenwyk Cassels wedding photo, Paris, France, c. 1931  Wedding gown by Chanel, French, 1930's.

Vintage Vogue Pattern 'Paris Original' 1343 B // designed by Jacques Heim, 1957  // helping to sew this pattern as a wedding dress with very light lavender dupioni silk

French Vogue, 1952. I love this dress. O.o

#givenchy gown, 1950 #vintage #fashion #beautiful #hair #photography #makeup #ideas #love #onedirection #bieber #home #party #wedding

Harper's Bazaar April 1958  Paris bridal collection

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Mood Board Monday: French Vintage Paris

Nothing says love, beauty, and richness like a Parisian themed wedding. All vintage and fashionable with not a detail forgotten, who wouldn’t want a “French Vintage Paris” wedding theme?

Vintage fashion.

Vintage venues.

Vintage decor.

Vintage wine…does it get any better than this?

Tell me, what do you love best about this French Vintage Paris theme?

To see this theme and other versions, visit Confetti Day Dreams!

Mood Board Monday: Ruffled Roses

When it comes to weddings (and literature, and styles, and movies), I’m a bit of a traditional, old soul. I like flowers with old souls: hydrangeas, ranunculus, and most traditional of all, roses! This old souled flower will set a lovely theme for your Old World wedding.

I discovered this beautiful theme through a Google search and it led me to this Juliet Marries Romeo post. Aren’t you just in love?? I am! I’m simply in raptures over this stunning theme which comes “dangerously” near what I would want for my own special day!

See the original post on Juliet Marries Romeo!

Mood Board Monday: A Garden Wedding

rustic pink green purple garden wedding inspiration board

*Gasp* This has got to be the perfect theme for the perfect wedding: A Garden Wedding! Simple, quaint, and lovely, this mood board produced by Fox Gown is a lovely choice for a Spring or Summer wedding.

Embracing the natural decor of nature, flowers and greenery galore, I am absolutely in raptures over this garden wedding theme!

View the original theme on the Fox Gown site!

Wildcard Wednesday: Red Wedding

I’m sure many of you are Game of Thrones fans and although I’m sure I would be too (if only I had HBO!) I decided that we shouldn’t be deprived of our own Red Wedding just because I don’t watch … Continue reading

Mood Board Monday: An Elegant Country Wedding

The Bad News: For some horrific reason, my Picasa program is not working! Viper in my bosom!!! (This is how I create all of my fantastically fab mood boards, hence the reblogs as of late. My profuse apologies.)

The Good News: There are plenty of other gorgeous theme boards out there in the world for me to share with you! 🙂

Aren’t you just positively IN LOVE with this lovely Elegant Country Wedding theme board?? I swiped it from Glitzy Secrets and am so happy that I found it!! Why has this not been used in some dreamy British wedding movie yet?!

It’s a crime against all things wedding and fantastical, I assure you.

So now ask yourself, are you “An Elegant Country” Bride?? I’m pretty sure I am!! 🙂

Source:Wedding Mood Board: An Elegant Country Wedding

Mood Board Monday: Cinco de Mayo

Happy (Belated) Cinco de Mayo all! In honour of this festive day, I’ve created an equally festive wedding theme for you to enjoy! How can anyone NOT be enraptured by a lovely Latino celebration such as a Cinco de Mayo … Continue reading

Mood Board Monday: Spring Whites

Spring Whites Collage

I am the biggest fan of white, especially for Spring weddings so for today’s Mood Board Monday, I wanted to do “Spring Weddings”!

Tell me, do you like white-out wedding themes??