Happy St. Patty’s Day!!! (Wedding Theme)

For all you 1) March brides, 2) Celts, and especially, 3) Irish, here’s an elegant St. Patrick’s Day wedding theme just for you!


I hope you’ve all had a happy Thanksgiving or a lovely start to Hanukkah, or both (Thanksgivukkah!) and eaten all the food you desire! It light of the new Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie release, I wanted to do another Hunger … Continue reading

My Birthday, My Wedding [2013], Part IV

Well it’s the last Wednesday of the month (can you believe it??) so it’s time for my last “my birthday, my wedding” theme selection so why not go out with a big, white bang?! Oh, and I almost forgot…. To … Continue reading

My Birthday, My Wedding [2013], Part III

Well last week was my 28th birthday!! *yay* And you guessed it–we’re still doing my desired wedding themes! So enjoy this week’s version of my wedding theme!

My Wedding_GreyBlue

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My Birthday, My Wedding [2013]

Since this is the most FABULOUS month of my birth and I am clearly obsessed with weddings, I will be continuing with my tradition of posting what I want MY wedding to look like. So this month, you’ll see my … Continue reading

Mood Board Monday: Love & Lemons

Board #526 | Spring Lemons (Snippet & Ink)

The morning and certainly the evening air is starting to have a chill to it, but Summer’s still in our system! Especially since I’m headed to the MIA (Miami) this week. So with that in mind, I wanted to leave you all with this warm, sunny, lemony theme board to tie y’all over until I return from my trip!

Created and provided by one of my favourite wedding blogging outlets, Snippet & Ink, don’t these theme boards just warm you right up??

Board #103 | Lemon and Iris (Snippet & Ink)

Foodie Friday: Green Signature Drinks

I’m a HUGE fan of Loverly, but I love them even more now that they have a “Food & Drink” section to search!! So utilizing this handy dandy feature, I was able to hunt down these fabulously green signature drinks!

Click each Loverly photo to be taken directly to their page!

cocktails, drinks, food, green, reception, minty, food  drink, bar

Elderflower Champagne Cocktail
Source: Grey Likes Weddings

catering, signature cocktails, decor, miscellaneous, candles, Winter, cocktails, California

Leo Patron
Source: Inspired by This

glass, champagne, decor, apple, cocktails, food, green, light, summer

Champagne + Green Apples
Source: Snippet and Ink

silver, decorations, flowers, stationery, decor, floral, leaves, drinks, gardenias, real, place card

Mint Julep
Source: Snippet and Ink

Cocktail hour, green

Kono Sauvignon Blanc
Source: Bow Ties and Bliss

catering, decor, signature cocktails, centerpieces, Summer, bar, beverages, bridal, brunch, ceremony

Cucumber Mint Water + Thyme
Source: The Brides Cafe

Which green signature drink is your favourite??

Wildcard Wednesday: Green Bouquets

In keeping with our green  glamour wedding theme (colourful, not economical), I wanted to present you all with some stunning bouquet options for you, your ‘maids, flower girls, and more! Which is your favourite??

Inspirations, Green Wedding Bouquets: Winter Wedding Inspiration by Laura Murray

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