Thanksgiving 101: Place Card Holders

OK, as many of you do I’m sure, I LOVE holidays!  And here in America, Thanksgiving is a big one!  Just 11 days after my birthday, and frequently falling on my dad’s birthday, Thanksgiving is a phenomenal holiday for displaying gratitude, family, friends, food, and fun!  Yet here at DA Weddings, I like to think of another “f”: fabulous!

So I’ve started a “week-end wildcard” mini-series for festive Thanksgiving fun! Today, we’ll focus on place cards.

Nature’s Creations:

Gourds have been synonymous with Thanksgiving for ages whether real or faux”,  bare or gilded, they make a wonderful version of a place card holder.  Check out some of these gourd options from ShelternessBabble, and

Nature also provides inspiration in items such as these leaves and acorns from Juneberry Lane blog, “burrs and bark” from Dose of Happy, pine combs also from Babble, and even flowers from



Fruit also provides yummy place card holder inspiration such as these “caramel apple sparkle” by Urban Flip Flops and pears by Fresh Home Ideas.


There are also some other awesome place card holder inspirations such as these awesome gilded turkeys found on Mary Audet’s Hub Pages, these nifty wine corks from How Does She?, and aromatic cinnamon sticks bundled together like these from


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