Coloured Wedding Dresses

Are you the daring bride, maybe a bit brazen, who’ll venture to wear a coloured wedding dress?  In this blog you’ll find lovely dresses to choose from in a wealth of colours.  The Victorians used to wear various colour dresses, so you can revive the glorious fashion for yourself.  Yellow, red, blue, black, and more, you’ll find the gown to inspire your own bridal fashion!


Do you have a sunshiny disposition?  Are you bright and bold?  Then consider wearing a yellow wedding dress for your special day.


True blue!  There are many shades of blue to choose from that will suit all the different personalities and skin colours.  Are one of these your future wedding dress?


Gold is probably to closest colour to traditional wedding dresses since it is close to champagne or cream colouring.  You could also choose to wear a variant of white with heavy gold embroidery.  A gal could certainly play a lot with a gold wedding gown.


Green need not necessarily represent jealousy or envy.  It could represent rejuvenation; a new beginning which is exactly what a marriage is.  It will also look stunning on a redhead or olive-skinned woman.  Will you don a green gown for your nuptials?


Pink is such a lovely, feminine colour to wear.  It also screams bride.  There are many shades to choose from as well as the colour “blush”.  Choose pink as your bridal colour!


Silver is a such a divine colour, perfect for a winter wedding!  It can be interpreted in a grey dress or silver-embroidered gown instead of a straight silver wedding dress.  It would definitely be a unique colour choice!

Silver Wedding Dress 2

Silver Wedding Dress 1


Purple is the colour of royalty so why not associate it with weddings as well?  You’re a princess/queen for the day, so why not wear a colour indicative of it?

Purple Wedding Dress 2

Purple Wedding Dress 1


Black is a touchy colour, but it can be extremely fashionable for the bride who can pull it off.  Some famous brides to wear it as their bridal colour were Sarah Jessica Parker and Jackie Christie.  Will you follow their lead and wear black on your special day?

Black Wedding Dress 1

Black Wedding Dress 2


Red is probably the most brazen colour a woman could wear on her special day.  But if you’re bold enough [or are a member of the Delta sorority] this just might be the colour for you!

Red Wedding Dress 1

Red Wedding Dress 2


4 thoughts on “Coloured Wedding Dresses

  1. Having spent 30 years custom designing dresses for hundreds of brides, I applaud any woman who wears a gown that truly expresses who she is. A colored gown will certainly make a statement, but this decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. I’ve had more than a few brides who thought they wanted to deviate from the traditional white or ivory, only to regret their decision as the wedding day approached.

    Wear brilliant red, rich gold, or drench yourself in a shimmering sapphire gown if you’re a bold, trend-setting woman. The more traditional bride can add a splash of color with a sash, a fabulous pair of shoes or a cluster of silk flowers nestled in her train.

    Fearful you won’t look like a bride in anything but white or ivory? A pale blush, peach, or misty blue gown is a subtle way to wow your guests and fulfill your colorful fantasies.

    • Hello Nancy! I certainly appreciate your comment. I personally would choose to wear white, but I think in a day and age of multiple weddings and constant vow renewals, women want more options than the traditional white. I’m launching a guest blog campaign in March and I’ve love it if you’d join us. I’m sure all of my readers could benefit from your expertise. Thanks again, Desiree

  2. Yes, I loved looking at all those gorgeous gowns displayed in a vast array of colors. But I’m still a traditionalist when it comes to wedding dresses. You have the entire rest of your life to wear any color you wish. I for one like to see the wedding dress remain white or ivory.

    • I totally agree with you Lois. However, I like to cater to a broad range of brides which includes second-time brides as well as vow renewal brides. And they may not be so keen on wearing white as the first-time bride would.

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