Oh the Joyous Uses of Mason Jars!

So when compiling the photographs for my previous post, “Shabby Chic Wedding Inspiration“, I knew that in addition to their being sequels to that post (soon to come) that I must also do a post on mason jars in weddings and wedding decor.

Mason jars–you know the glass jars our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and friends have in their kitchen pantries and cabinets–are wonderful, cost efficient objects that have a plethora of uses for weddings. Β Some of the uses are as follows:

  • Centerpieces (ie. floral, lit, etc.)
  • Lighting Fixtures (ie. chandeliers, candle holders/votives, etc.)
  • Signature Drink Glasses
  • Hanging Decor (ie. from trees, rafters, the ends of benches, backs of chairs, etc.)
  • Wedding Favours (ie. for baked pies, candy, pudding, preserves, etc.)

Mason jars can also be decorated as well.

  • Tinted
  • Painted
  • Printed (ie. with doilies, lace, etc.)
  • Covered (doilies, crocheted covers, etc.)

Mason jars are simply wonderful for weddings and I repeat VERY COST EFFICIENT.

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6 thoughts on “Oh the Joyous Uses of Mason Jars!

  1. Love the idea of reuse! You’ve shown some great ideas and pics.
    Candle jars also make great reuse receptacles, too. Even for gifts of bath salts, etc. or as decorative pieces (i.e. filed with river rocks or shells). And you can often find the big candles in jars at the dollar store.

  2. So inspirational! I will have to use some of these ideas in my wedding next May. Thank you for the refreshing look at mason jars πŸ™‚

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