“Starry, Starry Night” Wedding Theme

Vincent van Gogh’s painting “Starry Night” was a great inspiration to Don McLean’s song “Vincent”.  It can also be a great inspiration for a wedding.  With the deep blues, warm golds, silvers, and pale blues, one could have a beautifully magical colour pallet indeed.

Whether you are fortunate enough to have found a venue with a mural of the original painting, a plethora of white lights and chandeliers hanging above, or a reception under the starry sky itself, you can have your very own starry, starry night.  You can hang shining, glittering stars from the ceiling or wrap your napkins with jeweled and metallic star rings.  You can cover the tables with rich blue linens or drape it about the room.  The possibilities are endless!  Take a look at our gallery for your own inspiration!

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2 thoughts on ““Starry, Starry Night” Wedding Theme

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