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My Birthday, My Wedding [2013], Part III

Well last week was my 28th birthday!! *yay* And you guessed it–we’re still doing my desired wedding themes! So enjoy this week’s version of my wedding theme!

My Wedding_GreyBlue

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Wildcard Wednesday: Green Bouquets

In keeping with our green  glamour wedding theme (colourful, not economical), I wanted to present you all with some stunning bouquet options for you, your ‘maids, flower girls, and more! Which is your favourite??

Inspirations, Green Wedding Bouquets: Winter Wedding Inspiration by Laura Murray

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Mood Board Monday: Valentine’s Day

Happy Mood Board Monday!!

Today, we’ll be featuring mood boards all dressed and ready for V Day–that’s right, Valentine’s Day!

(I can’t believe how quickly 2013 is flying! Can you??)

Hopefully, this post will get you in the mood for Thursday’s festivities!


V Day: Hearts

VDay Collage_Hearts

V Day: Romantic

VDay Collage_Romantic

V Day: Classic

VDay Collage_Classic

All photos courtesy of Loverly.

Valentine Pinks

OK I’m going to borrow and implement “Mood Board Mondays” which means every Monday, I’ll be posting a new wedding theme/inspiration in the form of a theme board or “mood board.” Wednesdays  and Fridays we’ll focus on these topics:

  • Wildcard Wednesdays: Any wedding related topic is fair game.
  • Foodie Fridays: one recipe of a wedding related food or drink.

I’d love to know what you guys think about this line-up!

Here’s this week’s first official “Mood Board Monday” post: Valentines Pinks! Enjoy!

ValentinesPink Collage_Chich

ValentinesPink Collage_VineyardFairytale

All photos courtesy of Loverly.

Winter Nudes

I LOVE nudes!!! COLOURS!! NOT PEOPLE!! (Get your mind out of the gutter!!) I love the nude gowns with lace appliques, the shades of nude on lips, colour accents, and, of course, nude shoes! So it only makes sense to do a nude wedding theme right?! Right!

Winter Nudes Collage

Tell me how YOU like nudes in your colour scheme!

Gilded Treasures (Re-Post)

My Gilded Treasures was one of my favourite post series up to date so I wanted to re-share it with you all for more Winter wedding inspiration! 

Inspired by the fabulous Ralph Lauren ad campaign I saw in my August issue of Harper’s Bazaar, I give you the glamorous, the gorgeous, the perfect-for-Fall: Gilded Treasures!


GildedTreasures Collage

Winter Comet Wedding Theme

Here’s a lovely Winter poem–and correlating wedding theme–for all my beloved DA Weddings subscribers!


“The Winter Comet”


The night was black and barren,

The snow lay still as death;

The mountains lie ‘neath blankets;

E’en faeries held their breath.


But then a sound came softly,

A light and airy sound.

And then a sound came softly,

Shimmer: its resound.


It sprang across the Even sky

It cut a whole of glass.

Like diamonds thrown upon the night

And tingling of brass.


Yet more melodic was its tone,

It rang so clear and free.

And finer still became its song,

And then at last we see.


The shining aura swimming fast

Across the waking vale.

Like angel with its wings thrown back,

Like bride with flowing veil.


The comet came and filled our sky

And brightened our dark souls.

The comet came and filled our sky

And hurried quickly home.


Yet before its home it finds,

Many skies will come alive,

To diamond touch and frozen lights,

Yet on and on it flies.


‘Til Mother Rora welcomes back

Her solemn sparkling child,

And home she’ll shed her virgin veil

And settle down so mild.


She’ll off to sleep ‘til Time will call

Her up for task again,

Then off she’ll fly so full and free

And claim the skies again!


Winter Comet Wedding Collage

Silver & Gold

“Silver and gold, silver and gold everyone wishes for silver and gold..!” You may recognize those lyrics from the old Rudolph movie sung by Burl Ives a.k.a.   Frosty the Snowman. Well, I love that song AND those colours–especially for Christmas and Winter weddings! Don’t you??

SilverGold Collage

Silver and gold wedding colour schemes also make a lovely segue into New Year’s Eve weddings and wedding-related events!


Winter Golds

Gold, gold, and more gold–you cannot have Christmas festivities without employing the colour gold! From florals to fashion, sparkles sweets, and much more, Winter Golds make for the perfect Christmas or Winter wedding theme!

Winter Golds Collage

Will YOU be a Winter Golds bride??