I’m continuing with my birthday-wedding themes this week since tomorrow’s my birthday *triple yay!!* and today we’re doing another theme with accompanying style boards! Enjoy! THE WEDDING THE BRIDE THE BRIDAL LINGERIE THE BRIDESMAIDS THE FOOD & DRINK See Also: … Continue reading

Vera Wang on a Budget

When one thinks of entertainment, they think of Beyonce. When one thinks of real estate, they think of Donald Trump.  When one thinks of weddings, they naturally think of Vera Wang. Countless brides have christened their special day with a … Continue reading

Princess Grace Bridal Inspiration

Since we’ve been on an iconic and royal kick these last few posts, I knew I could not move on to a different subject without dedicating a post to the lovely, Grace Kelly a.k.a Princess Grace. Her wedding to Prince … Continue reading

DIY Wedding Veil

Would it surprise you to know creating your own wedding veil is relatively easy? Even if you are a 2 to 3 on the 10-point scale of “craftiness” scale (like me), you can still custom-make a veil with a blusher, … Continue reading

In Honour of Black History Month: Courtney & Angela


Courtney B. Vance and Angela Bassett are the standard of black love and marriage that works!  Married for 14 years (15 in October), they’ve shown us that despite the pressures of Hollywood, despite personal issues with conception, and despite any typical problems that most couples have, it is, in fact, possible to have a successful, fulfilling marriage.

We love your Courtney and Angela, keep showing us what love looks like!

To learn how this couple does it, purchase and read their book Friends: A Love Story.

Lace Wedding Theme

Such a sweet fabric that I think might have been intentionally created for weddings.  And although now a days there are many fabrics and linens to choose from, it still is such a beautifully traditional move to have lace throughout … Continue reading