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Foodie Friday: 300 Layer French Crepe Cake

Layered French Crepe Cake

Crepes & Cake. Crepe Cake. Who knew?? Two things I love dearly have been combined to create the some kinda wonderful that is this 300 Layer French Crepe Cake!

I discovered this delectable wedding foodie pick while on Pinterest (of course) and the pin links to The Cake Blog who credits  Petite Rêve Chocolates with the original creation. I conclude that they are brilliant.

Are you not in love with this cake and desperate to taste it??

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Foodie Friday: Nan’s Victorian Sponge Cake


I hunted down this delectable recipe on Pinterest today and my, doesn’t it look tasty?? Originally from, this Nan’s Nan’sVictorian Sponge Cake is an echo of times gone by and perfect for your vintage wedding dessert buffet!

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Let Them Eat Cake (or Cupcakes)!

It’s Day 6 of our March Guest Blog Campaign and we’re featuring one of my favourites, Daisy Cupcake and her delectable desserts! #daweddingsmgbc Ooooohhh, you are getting married! How exciting, congratulations! Now let the fun begin! All that lovely planning and choosing … Continue reading

Wildcard Wednesday: Wedding Budget Tips from HuffPost Weddings


I found this great article on wedding budgets on the HuffPost Weddings site! Check out the first 10 pointers now!

  1. Avoid Peak Season: Save $1,500

Get married in late Summer or Winter for up to 20% off your venue(s).

  1. Cut in Packs: Save $2,500

Shave one table of 8-10 people off your guest list.

  1. Embrace All-Inclusives: Save $3,125

Pretty self-explanatory. Packages deals are ALWAYS cheaper than purchasing (or renting or reserving) items and services and venues separately.

  1. Choose Local Flowers: Save $600

Seasonal, local flowers will always be cheaper than those that are out-of-season or imported from elsewhere.

  1. Have Fewer VIPs: Save $660

Large Bridal Party = Larger Floral Bill

Smaller Bridal Party = Smaller Floral Bill

  1. Sorry, No Shots: Save $1,250

Alcohol be expensive y’all! (Excuse my “real talk”!) Limit the booze and you’ll lighten your budget. 25% lighter to be exact.

  1. Focus on Deliciousness: Save $1,250

Limit your appetizers from 10 to, say, 4 that are really tasty. You’ll save about $10.00 per guest.

  1. Knock a Star Off the Five-Star Meal: Save $1,250

Serve knock-offs that taste 5-Star instead of 5-star selections themselves.

  1. Welcome Turntables: Save $7,300

DJs are MUCH cheaper than hiring live entertainment of any kind.

  1. Don’t Gild the Cake: Save $1,215

Choose a topping of sugar blooms instead of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon on your cake. You’ll have approximately $10.00 per slice of cake.

DA Weddings Tip: All of these tips are pure awesomeness! However, if you and your boo have decided which items/segments of your wedding are most important and least important, it will be much easier for you to figure out where you can afford to splurge a bit more as well as where you can cut back—and still be happy with your overall wedding!

For the remaining 4 budget tips, read the HuffPost Weddings article here!


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