Happy St. Patty’s Day!!! (Wedding Theme)

For all you 1) March brides, 2) Celts, and especially, 3) Irish, here’s an elegant St. Patrick’s Day wedding theme just for you!

Purple Perfection

Who doesn’t love purple? Its majesty and richness is undeniable and historically proven and can be implemented for the bridal soul in many ways.  From Scottish Tartans (plaid) to ombre fades to floral prints, dyed lace, and Victorian ballgowns, purple is an … Continue reading

Plaid Wedding Theme

OK, this is like the cutest wedding theme ever: plaid.  Who knew?  From wedding dresses and groomsmen’s shirt to table cloths and invitations, plaid is definitely a cute, multi-directional wedding theme to choose. Now a days, there are wedding dresses … Continue reading

Celtic Wedding Theme

Whether you’ve got Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Cornish, Breton, or Manx blood, you may want to have a wedding that celebrates your rich Celtic ancestry.  And why not?  Here are some subtle and not-so-subtle ways to incorporate you Celtic heritage into … Continue reading