Mood Board Monday: Love & Lemons

Board #526 | Spring Lemons (Snippet & Ink)

The morning and certainly the evening air is starting to have a chill to it, but Summer’s still in our system! Especially since I’m headed to the MIA (Miami) this week. So with that in mind, I wanted to leave you all with this warm, sunny, lemony theme board to tie y’all over until I return from my trip!

Created and provided by one of my favourite wedding blogging outlets, Snippet & Ink, don’t these theme boards just warm you right up??

Board #103 | Lemon and Iris (Snippet & Ink)

Mood Board Monday: Green Glamour

Green with Envy

I am literally green with envy over this FABULOUS wedding theme/colour scheme! As an olive-toned gal, I’ve always been a huge fan of wearing green, it’s positively one of my favourite colours to wear! Thus, when I saw this theme board on Facebook, I knew I had to share it with you!!

Created by Paper & Lace, this Green Glamour theme makes for the perfect wedding caught betwixt Summer and Fall! What do you think??

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Mood Board Monday: Summer Perfection

Ah Summer, slipping away so fast! All of the sunny days, lazy nights, chasing fire flies, white parties, and backyard barbecues will be greatly missed. Unless you live in Florida. Or California. Or some other generally warm local. Then you can just ignore the words and look at the picture.  *wink, wink*

This lovely “Summer Perfection” theme board was created by Mospens Studio and I loved it so much I had to share it with you!

What’s your favourite part of Summer? What will you miss most when the weather starts cooling down??

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Mood Board Monday: French Vintage Paris

Nothing says love, beauty, and richness like a Parisian themed wedding. All vintage and fashionable with not a detail forgotten, who wouldn’t want a “French Vintage Paris” wedding theme?

Vintage fashion.

Vintage venues.

Vintage decor.

Vintage wine…does it get any better than this?

Tell me, what do you love best about this French Vintage Paris theme?

To see this theme and other versions, visit Confetti Day Dreams!

Mood Board Monday: A Very Berry Wedding

I am absolutely, positively in love with this Black Raspberry Inspiration board by Snippet & Ink! I’m already a fan of most berries, edibly speaking; however, I’m even more so a fan of berry colours so why not make your wedding a very berry wedding?

A perfect theme for a wedding in late Summer transitioning into early Fall (my favourite season of the entire year and not just because I’m an Autumn Baby), you can play so much with this palette!  Snippet & Ink did a lovely job of capturing all the beauty of this inspiration.

Are you a Very, Berry Bride?

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Mood Board Monday: A Seaside Theme

Who doesn’t love a good seaside wedding theme? Especially when it’s one as grand and lovely as this one rendering by mini Moko! They are actually a designer stationery brand, but how do you not love this fabulous theme board they’ve created for our Mood Board Monday? Whether in San Diego or the Hamptons, near the coast of the Carolinas or bordering one of the Great lakes, in Cancun or the Riviera, a seaside wedding is ALWAYS a good idea.

Unless there’s a hurricane or tsunami, then it’s a really bad idea.

But we’re praying your wedding will go perfectly without any of that fickle weather nonsense. *wink*

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Mood Board Monday: 1930s Wedding

I am IN LOVE with all things Vintage! Especially if they’re super feminine and vintage like this romantic 1930s Wedding theme by New England Fine Living. The cars, the styles, the glitz and glam, it’s all so very Great Gatsby!

There are many ways to capture vintage glory, but I think New England Fine Living did a phenomenal job of it!

To learn all about planning a 1930s theme party, check out this post!

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Mood Board Monday: Rainy Day Wedding

I don’t know about you, but it has been more rainy in this Charlotte, NC Summer Season than it’s been in the Spring! And I love it! 🙂 So with that in mind, I wanted to do another Rainy Day post for you all!

This rendering is by Burnett’s Boards and how lovely is it?! Pops of colour on an otherwise (weather-wise) gloomy day are just so darn pretty! So if you’re getting married in a rainy location (i.e. London) or a rainy season (i.e. April in the U.S), then you may want to take this theme into consideration!

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Mood Board Monday: Ruffled Roses

When it comes to weddings (and literature, and styles, and movies), I’m a bit of a traditional, old soul. I like flowers with old souls: hydrangeas, ranunculus, and most traditional of all, roses! This old souled flower will set a lovely theme for your Old World wedding.

I discovered this beautiful theme through a Google search and it led me to this Juliet Marries Romeo post. Aren’t you just in love?? I am! I’m simply in raptures over this stunning theme which comes “dangerously” near what I would want for my own special day!

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Mood Board Monday: Christmas in July

Happy July All! I’m still in awe that we’re in the SEVENTH month of 2013! Can you say “cray-cray?!” And what could be more fitting than a “Christmas in July” Mood Board Monday theme?

I snagged this lovely collage from Wedding Window and I’m so happy I stumbled upon it!

Christmas has always been my favourite holiday of the year, so why not spruce up your July wedding with Christmas joy?

Are you a Christmas in July kinda bride??

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