Mood Board Monday: Love & Lemons

Board #526 | Spring Lemons (Snippet & Ink)

The morning and certainly the evening air is starting to have a chill to it, but Summer’s still in our system! Especially since I’m headed to the MIA (Miami) this week. So with that in mind, I wanted to leave you all with this warm, sunny, lemony theme board to tie y’all over until I return from my trip!

Created and provided by one of my favourite wedding blogging outlets, Snippet & Ink, don’t these theme boards just warm you right up??

Board #103 | Lemon and Iris (Snippet & Ink)

Loving Lemons Wedding Theme

I’m not sure of a fruit that looks more summery than lemon.  With its citrus flavour and bright colour, lemons make the perfect wedding inspiration.  Lemonade signature drinks, lemon coloured dresses, lemon decorated stationary and desserts, and much more.  Would … Continue reading