The Deanwater Hotel Weddings

This was a LinkedIn post by my new friend Barry Woodyatt of Woodyatt Warner and I wanted to share it with you all.  Enjoy! In the finest Cheshire countryside, beside the River Dean lies The Deanwater Hotel. Originally, a hunting … Continue reading

The Sweetheart Table

The Sweetheart Table is a lovely new phenomenon at weddings wherein the newly married couple is seated at it—by themselves.  And although this is a controversial idea, I think it’s wonderful.  The concept of a bride and groom having a … Continue reading

Butterfly Wedding Theme

Butterflies are such a magical touch to any part of nature or event.  So why not include them in your own nuptial event?  There are many wonderful ways to incorporate the fairy-like creatures into your special day. There are attire … Continue reading

Bird Wedding Theme

Birds are by far, an extremely popular wedding theme to choose.  Whether it be Love Birds, a particular type of bird, or just birds in general, you have several choices for wedding planning with this theme. There is a plethora … Continue reading

Plaid Wedding Theme

OK, this is like the cutest wedding theme ever: plaid.  Who knew?  From wedding dresses and groomsmen’s shirt to table cloths and invitations, plaid is definitely a cute, multi-directional wedding theme to choose. Now a days, there are wedding dresses … Continue reading

Bee Wedding Theme

What an entirely cute wedding theme is this! A bee [honey or bumble] wedding theme would be perfect for a spring or summer wedding.  You can incorporate it into your wedding cake and desserts, invitations and other wedding stationary, your … Continue reading

Celtic Wedding Theme

Whether you’ve got Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Cornish, Breton, or Manx blood, you may want to have a wedding that celebrates your rich Celtic ancestry.  And why not?  Here are some subtle and not-so-subtle ways to incorporate you Celtic heritage into … Continue reading

Blue Porcelain Wedding Theme

I’ve always loved blue porcelain patterns; they’re so regal and elegant.  That’s why I’ve chosen them for the next wedding theme. Selecting your china pattern will be the most important element in this theme because it sets the tone for … Continue reading