Wildcard Wednesdays: Bows, Beaux & Cuties

Happy Wildcard Wednesday!

I stumbled across THE CUTEST photography collection that I had to share with you all.

If you love tikes in ties and babies in bows, than this is for YOU!

The Fellas

Bows Beaux and Cuties Collage_Boys

The Ladies

Bows Beaux and Cuties Collage_Girls

See the original post at Style Me Pretty.

Photographed by Amy of The Belle and the Beau

Winter Comet Wedding Theme

Here’s a lovely Winter poem–and correlating wedding theme–for all my beloved DA Weddings subscribers!


“The Winter Comet”


The night was black and barren,

The snow lay still as death;

The mountains lie ‘neath blankets;

E’en faeries held their breath.


But then a sound came softly,

A light and airy sound.

And then a sound came softly,

Shimmer: its resound.


It sprang across the Even sky

It cut a whole of glass.

Like diamonds thrown upon the night

And tingling of brass.


Yet more melodic was its tone,

It rang so clear and free.

And finer still became its song,

And then at last we see.


The shining aura swimming fast

Across the waking vale.

Like angel with its wings thrown back,

Like bride with flowing veil.


The comet came and filled our sky

And brightened our dark souls.

The comet came and filled our sky

And hurried quickly home.


Yet before its home it finds,

Many skies will come alive,

To diamond touch and frozen lights,

Yet on and on it flies.


‘Til Mother Rora welcomes back

Her solemn sparkling child,

And home she’ll shed her virgin veil

And settle down so mild.


She’ll off to sleep ‘til Time will call

Her up for task again,

Then off she’ll fly so full and free

And claim the skies again!


Winter Comet Wedding Collage

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Silver-White Winters…

“Silver white winters that melt into Spring” is one of my favourite lines from The Sound of Music musical’s “My Favorite Things” made popular by the ever-loved Julie Andrews. Although often played during the Christmas season, this is actually not a Christmas song and in the words of my dear high school BFF “My Favorite Things is not a Christmas song. Stop playing it!” lol Part of me concurs, yet the other part believes because of this wonderful “silver white winters” line and very likely the fact that the song is sung in a likely “Christmastown” a.k.a Salzburg, Austria it just makes sense to play it!

Winter Silvers Collage

Will you make Silver White Winters your Christmas wedding theme??



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