Pretty Bridal Peplums

Peplums are all the rage right now in fashion and bridal fashion is no different. Sleek and sexy, chic and “chiffony”, full and fabulous! Fitted for just about any body type, peplums as a great way to make a stunning … Continue reading

In Honour of Black History Month: Jay-Z and Beyonce


I know, I know. This isn’t a wedding picture, but we all know how guarded Queen B and her rapper hubby are about their privacy and I can’t knock them for it. And even though two fuzzy photos of B’s wedding dress has (finally) been released, it still didn’t do her justice. So I’ve decided to use this picture. It’s still a lovely bridal look for an elegant future Mrs. somewhere and I must admit Mr. Carter looks dapper himself in his classic tux.

Jay-Z and Beyonce certainly deserve a shout out in Black and American history for the waves they’ve made in the music industry and we can only imagine that “newest production”, sweet little Ivy Blue (or is it Blue Ivy?) will make waves in her lifetime as well!