FROZEN: The Wedding

The Hostess List

I am absolutely, positively, en-TIRELY obsessed with Frozen. Oh lookey there, you too! 🙂 I unabashedly cry every time I watch Anna sing “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” and the parents “die” and walk around singing things like “Love is an open doooooor…!” “‘It’s crazy! We finish each others-‘ ‘SANDWICHES!'” and especially, “For the first time in foreveeeeerrr…!!!” I even routinely ask a male friend of mine if he wants to build a snowman. Seriously, every time I have something serious to discuss with him, he thinks I’m going to ask about building snowmen! Yes, I am most certainly obsessed. So with that in mind, here are four fabulous Frozen wedding themes! Enjoy! xx

Frozen Wedding Collage2

Frozen Wedding Collage3

Frozen Wedding Collage4

Frozen Wedding Collage5

Which Frozen theme is your favourite? What would you do differently? How would you make this theme your own?

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