Wildcard Wednesday: The Surprise Wedding


Ladies and gentlemen, the fella pictured above, Ryan Leak is positively AMAZING!!! Why is that you may ask?? Because he not only proposed to his girlfriend, but married her–all on the same day!!!

It was always Amanda Leak’s dream to be proposed to and married on the same day to Ryan made it happen!

The first props go to Mr. Leak for, with the help of Amanda’s Pinterest board, planning the entire wedding–BY HIMSELF. (See the joys of Pinterest men??)

Brotha did a PHENOMENAL job!!

And to top it all off, he made the entire event a documentary!



My second props go to Mrs. Leak herself for trusting the man God had for her to do all of the planning for her! Personally, I’d love if if my man could pull it off by himself which he’s more than welcome to do for a vow renewal, but as a wedding blogger and wedding addict since age 10, I’m gonna need to plan my own wedding, have my hands in everything. But that’s just me. You go girl!!

My third props go to all of the family members, loved ones, and staff that were able to pull all of this off without the bride knowing anything for the greater part of a year!! Crazy right?! (I’m still trying to figure out how they got her dress perfectly fitted without her knowledge.)

My fourth and final props go to the Most High, God, without Whom, none of this would have happened. Ryan and Amanda never would have met. They never would have fallen in love. They never would have gotten married. And this post never would have been written. Won’t He do it?!?1 (Sorry, church lingo. *wink, wink*)

Word to the Fellas

By the way, fellas thanks to Ryan, you now have NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER to not be at least involved (beyond making payments, choosing your clothes, and selecting the honeymoon!) in the planning of your wedding! This fellas has officially raised the bar!

Word to the Ladies

Pray for God to send you the right guy! And until then (during??) keep your Pinterest wedding board fully updated!! 😉

I love this couple, their story, and God!! I definitely cried whilst watching the documentary and you likely will too so watch it already!!

To learn more about Ryan, visit RyanLeak.com!

You can also check Ryan out on Instagram!

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