Foodie Friday: Seafood Bar

Menu: a splurge item, but easy to serve. Make a small scale version of this Seafood Boat Buffet. You can find La Mer tiered trays at restaurant supply stores, DIY ice bowls (find instructions on martha stewart) or an old galvanized tub or buckets.

To conclude our Seaside theme this week, I had to give you this delectable, edible idea: a seafood bar! Buffet, bar, table, whatever you call it, if you love seafood as much as I do (which is A LOT), then you will understand why this idea is so fab!

TIP: Have non-seafood options for your guest because for some wholly unfortunate reason, an unfair amount of people seem to have seafood allergies. We don’t need any ill-happenings on your special day. *wink, wink*

A Seafood Bar is a great way to stay consistent with your wedding’s theme without forcing those who are either allergic to or merely don’t like seafood to eat it.

TIP: If you insist on having seafood as a part of your main dish, make sure to include the menu in your formal invitation and provide at least one non-food option for those not inclined to this fishy food.

Shrimp and lobster, pastas and rolls, fillets and more will provide your guests a wonderful spread to choose from!

TIP: Make sure to choose to seafood selections that can be placed on ice like those pictured. If you want fillets and other main dishes, stick to keeping those as part of the formal sit-down dinner.

When serving seafood, one must be careful, but when done right, it’s a wonderful choice!

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Source: The Ballroom at Cortlandt Colonial

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