Mood Board Monday: Ode to Summer (Special Announcement)

Hello All,

I’ve got a very special announcement for you all! I’ve thoughtfully decided to change the name of my wedding blog and company. That’s right!

When I first launched my wedding blog, I took the name “Desired Assistance Weddings” because my blog was a spin-off of my virtual writing and editing company, Desired Assistance. But let’s be honest, that’s just too long a name and it doesn’t at all sound interesting! So I changed it.

Since then, various individuals and companies have reached out–and butchered my brand’s name in the process. They usually call it “Da Weddings” which is ghetto for “The Weddings” which is NOT in the least what our name is!

So taking the direction of the blog in mind, I’ve decided on an inspirational new name:

*Fantastical Wedding Stylings*

What do you think?? I love it and it expresses my thoughts on this blog perfectly!

First, I’ll transition the Facebook Page and URL, then by the end of July, the blog (URL) itself.

I wanted you, my loyal readers, to know first so there’s no confusion or anything of the sort.

That said, let’s get to our Mood Board Monday post!


Today I’m sharing with you “Ode to Summer”! I crafted this mood board at the close of Summer 2012 and thought it would be fitting to share it with you as we enter Summer 2013!

All the Summer Brides out there, throw your right hand up! 🙂

To read the accompanying poem, read the original post!


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