Tones, Impressions, and a Personal Touch

Day 10 and week 4 of DA Weddings’ March Guest Blog Campaign welcomes back my friend Mr. Ashantai Yungai of DI Calligraphy! Glean from his post and tweet it to your friends with this hashtag: #daweddingsmgbc

Calligraphy is a time-honored craft utilized in many professional spheres: in creating signage and posters, in inspirational quotes, and in the body art of tattoos.  In the age of electronics and technological advances, the type, click, send methodology has become commonplace.  The personal touch of hand lettering and the personal letter has been marginalized somewhat.  Fortunately, artisans of this piquant craft still exist and find passion in it.  Today I wish to express three reasons for using calligraphy for your wedding: set the tone; make an impression, and the personal touch.

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Set the Tone

It is an accepted belief made by many wedding and event planners that the invitation sets the tone for the event.  According to Mara Harwood of Events by LMG (Latter Day Bride-2012):

“Your invitations are the first introduction to the style of your wedding, and you’ll spend a lot of time, attention, and money making them perfect.”

This is true.  When your guests receive their invitation, they will certainly be excited and look forward to this special occasion.  However, even before they see the invitation, they must open the envelope in which it arrived.  Therefore, since the invitation is the prelude to the main event, the addressing of the envelope creates the scenery.

“Focus on the “first thing your will see and address to impress.”  (Martha Stewart – Written by Hand – Spr. 2011).

It is here where calligraphy displays its piquant artistry.  This small yet impactful detail must make an enthralling impression when guests receive their invitation.  To finish Mara’s statement,

“Present your invitation in the mail the right way to your guests by continuing your stationery design on the outside of the envelope.”


Make an Impression

My guests are keeping their envelopes! They’re so beautiful!”

That was the statement of the very first bride I addressed envelopes for.  She was returning to pick up a set of addressed envelopes for added guests to her wedding.  I thanked her, telling her it was a sincere honor to hear this.  Thus, in choosing a calligrapher to hand letter your stationery suite, choose a calligrapher whose style immediately has a powerful and mysterious allure that is irresistible.  The “Stop! You had me at Hello!” impression.  It is this visceral feeling you want stirred in both you and your guests.  When you are bewitched and arrested by the style of the calligrapher, you have found the one for you.


The Personal Touch

“…In the age of electronic communication, a handwritten note or invitation stands out and identifies an individual who understands the true value of personal communication.” (Pamela Eyring – The Protocol School of Washington)

There are few things in the world that rivals the personal touch.  Simply stated, the personal touch shows that one cares.  At weddings this is done in a myriad of ways; take-home favors, swag bags, and…are examples.  Often, guests are allowed to keep their hand-lettered escort and/or place cards.  These simple mementos have a personal touch combined with the aesthetic beauty of the calligraphy.  As Ms. Eyring stated above, this act shows that one understand the importance of extending this important added care to your guests.


Calligraphy is such a great detail to set your event apart and really elevate the look and feel of everything from the invitations to the place cards.  Bewitch and mesmerize your guests with the detail of Calligraphy. It will set the tone, make an impression, and add the personal touch for your engagement.

About the Author


Ashantai Yungai’s art has been featured in both the inaugural and second issue of Salt Lake/Park City Bride and Groom (“Fresh Greens” and “The Icing on the Cake”, respectively) magazine. It is also featured in the 2012 Issue of Latter Day Bride (14 “WOW-FACTOR” Design Ideas for Your Wedding).  Follow him on Twitter and Facebook for more features.  Ashantai looks forward to working with you, enhancing your intimate engagement and enchanting your guests.


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