A New Dazzle on Old Traditions

It’s time for Week 3 and Day 7 of DA Wedding’s March Guest Blog Campaign! Read on to here how Lauran Barnhart of Jennifer Evans Events, LLC puts a new spin on those old wedding traditions! For all Twitterbugs, use this hashtag: #daweddingsmgbc

When a new bride-to-be repeats the words “I’M ENGAGED” to herself, today’s generation of women’s first thought goes back to all the traditions they were told by their mothers and grandmothers. However, while some of these “old” traditions still exist referencing the famous wedding quote, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” women today have decided to put a “new dazzle” on the traditional side of things.


Something Old

“Something old” used to mean your grandmother’s pearls or a symbolic and sentimental item that had been previously worn in the family. Perhaps even your mother’s wedding dress. However, this idea has been cut and stitched in many new ways. For example, taking a piece of your mother’s old wedding dress and wrapping the linen around your bouquet, or taking one of your grandmother’s broaches and wearing it in your hair.

Something New

For a little “Something new”, a lot of brides today are choosing to make that walk down the aisle a bit more special and unique. Either by throwing a splash of color on their feet, or making that splurge for those classic red bottoms we all know and love. Either way, this element of surprise will make the bride’s stems sparkle.

Something Borrowed

Something borrowed”, has complete free range in this day and age. This can be any accessory borrowed from your future mother-in-law (MIL), or maybe something “blinged & borrowed” from your favorite jeweler. How about your BFF’s dazzling diamond bangle that you were lusting over! The key is “ask and you shall receive”!

Something Blue

In addition to this fun and new tradition, brides are also taking the “something blue” to a more personal level. Gone are the days of the blue garter…Booooring! Let’s use blue thread and stitch the wedding date and initials under the bride’s dress. What if the groom wrote a little love note on the bottom of her wedding shoes in blue ink?


Whatever the traditions say, there are ways to dazzle them up in a new traditional way! Today’s generation of brides still keep the traditions alive, just adding their own sparkle and shine. So for your wedding day, think outside the box… add your own dazzle on things. Something so little can make such a beautiful detail for your special day.


About the Author

My passion for event planning was sparked by my own wedding and all the events surrounding it. I found myself devoting all my time to making these events special, personal, and exquisite. After coming to the conclusion wedding and event planning was my niche, I wanted to help my clients’ visions come alive. I strive to make every wedding and event as unique as the host or hostess. My inspiration for your special event isn’t just to find out what you like, but to understand who you are. As a dedicated, hands-on event coordinator, I am personally involved from start to finish. I indulge in details, flesh out ideas, insist on personal touches and thrive on unique elements to create truly memorable events and experiences. My packages include Day-of-Coordination, Dream a Little Dream, Dream Lover, as well as “add on” services. All of these packages are explained in full detail on my website www.Jenniferevansevents.com.


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