Let Them Eat Cake (or Cupcakes)!

It’s Day 6 of our March Guest Blog Campaign and we’re featuring one of my favourites, Daisy Cupcake and her delectable desserts! #daweddingsmgbc

Daisy Cupcakes Collage

Ooooohhh, you are getting married! How exciting, congratulations! Now let the fun begin! All that lovely planning and choosing and ooohing and aaahing over gorgeous gowns, beautiful jewelery  magnificent floral displays, talented photographers, and creative, delicious CAKE!


Your cake is the centerpiece  the focal point of the wedding reception (after the bride of course!). All your guests will want to see the cake display and everyone will photograph it, eagerly waiting for the symbolic “cutting of the cake” moment followed by the delicious eating thereof.


Daisy Cupcakes Collage2

Your cake display should be carefully chosen. Your baker should be carefully chosen. Nothing can go wrong on that day. You need someone you trust implicitly as well as someone who will create not only the most fabulous cakes ever, but the most delicious cakes ever eaten.


Find recommendations, talk to lots of bakers, taste their cakes, and discover new flavours. Tell them your vision and see how they respond. You will know when you have found the right one–the right one will “get you” and know exactly how to bring together all the elements of your wedding.



I like to know all about the colours, fabrics, flowers, food, table decorations, and the themes before I make suggestions, loving to bring everything together in the cake design–lace, buttons, colourful blooms, cameos, butterflies, pearls–the sky is the limit.



Cupcakes and mini-cakes are a perfect choice for a modern wedding. A cut in the cake can be made toward the top tier for the special moment that the bride and groom cut a slice together to symbolise their marriage and then there is a cake for everyone, easily manageable, self-contained and delicious. Individual cake boxes can also mean that cupcakes can be used as wedding favours too, perhaps even personalising each cake as a place name for the table.


Be creative. Be different. Stand out from the crowd and provide your guests with cake they will talk about for a long, long time. It’s your wedding day: everything about it should be extraordinary.


About the Author

You can see lots more information and trillions of photos on her website www.daisycupcakes.net and a daily diary of Daisy happenings at Facebook. Give Alison a call when you next need an original gift or you are planning an event. She would love to bake for you and we assure you you will love her baking!

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