7 Ways to Ensure Your Wedding is Unique

This is Day 2 of DA Weddings’ second annual March Guest Blog Campaign! Hunker down to hear Kristi Richardson of Bloomed to Last give you 7 ways to ensure that YOUR wedding is unique!

Wedding design trends come and go. What’s in today is out tomorrow. What’s old today is new tomorrow. Overall, trends ebb and flow like the tides of the sea or the pendulum on a clock. But there has been a real shift in attitude on how we plan weddings and, frankly, I am excited about it.

Unusual-Wedding-Venues-1-298x300 via stlouisweddinginsider.com

We have finally left the era of rules, regulations, and have tos when it comes to your wedding design. No longer are we tied to silly things like garter tosses, useless favors, and bland food. No sir! We are now in the era where couples can do anything, say anything, wear anything, and share their story. The wedding era of customization, personalization, and distinctive design….or so I thought.

But then something else happened too. Couples getting married liked the unusual designs they were seeing and began adopting many of the unique ideas into their weddings. What was once considered off beat, unusual, weird, wacky, and different became the new normal. The look that had originally differentiated one wedding from another has been adopted by so many, that most of the real weddings I see on blogs all look alike to me. Sigh!

To make matters worse some of the most distinguished and well-known wedding planners/designer in our industry began encouraging couples to shy away from the bold, the wacky, the current trends, and focus on timeless. Say what?! Timeless? Doesn’t this mean boring? Hell no.

What they are trying to say is skip the fads, make it you, and keep it elegant.

So, how do we do that without sacrificing a distinctive look? Well, I believe you can still have a completely unique and different wedding design that will stand the test of time, but you have to know where to focus your efforts.

  1. Focus on your story. When you pick a wedding concept, theme, and color palette, make sure it says something about you and your fiancé and it not just a general theme.
  2. Let the colors do the work. If you pick bright, bold, and/or rich colors that express your concept you can skip all the themed knick knacks. This will keep your look timeless and elegant.
  3. Do something unexpected. Think theatrics here. Things like a surprise performance, an amazing entrance or exit, a flash mob, falling rose petals from the ceiling, living art, a live painter or artist, a roaming musician playing during dinner, etc. Just make sure it ties into your wedding design that is focused on your story.
  4. Pick your spots. We all have to prioritize our budgets and in my opinion, it’s better to have one or two grand statements than a bunch of forgettable little statements. Think quality over quantity. Ceremony backdrops, head table backdrops, reception entrances, cake tables, and dance floors are the perfect place to make these statements. Trust me, if you go big, they will be remembered.
  5. Hang it up. I am always shocked at how most couples ignore the ceiling. Instead of regular centerpieces, opt for hanging versions and I assure your wedding will be different. Or creating a hanging bar, or have inexpensive black and white posters printed of you two and hang them from the ceiling. The effect will be stunning.
  6. Customize, customize, customize. I always say, “Take something ordinary and make it extraordinary!” Weddings really come to life in the details. So, get your hands dirty, get in there, and customize your look. Whether that means hand-painted table numbers, printing out tons of your personal photos, adding “bling” to napkins, vases, runners, or whatever you can take your wedding design to unbelievable new heights just by adding detail.
  7. Use non-traditional materials. Most weddings you see on blogs or Pinterest have the same types of materials showing up time and time again, even in off-beat weddings. So, skip the everyday and go with unusual materials like sheet metal, denim, rocks, and/or minerals in your design. Also try to use them in unexpected ways too. I love sculptures as centerpieces, or what about a sheet metal aisle runner? The most important thing to remember is that it all should flow and is based on your overall concept.

bicycle hanging centerpiece via ruffled

With the new norm being non-traditional I dare you to be different. Keep thinking even further outside the box, dig deeper for inspiration, and release your inner design-diva.

If you’re stressed out over designing your wedding contact me at BloomedToLast.com Wedding Event Design services.

Happy Planning!

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Wedding Designer In & Out of the Box, Kristi Richardson, publishes the “Bloomed to Last” e-zine. Get your FREE wedding report, “10 Wedding Decor Blunder Brides Make that Will Cost You Thousands” at www.BloomedToLast.com.


2 thoughts on “7 Ways to Ensure Your Wedding is Unique

  1. Another addition to help add to the uniqueness is the music – especially for your Grand Entrance. Had one bride who had a Candy Theme – even the bouquets where made of Lollipops. She had her Bridal party introduced to ” I Love Candy” and the Happy Couple came in to “Lollipop”

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