Wildcard Wednesday: Wedding Budget Tips from HuffPost Weddings


I found this great article on wedding budgets on the HuffPost Weddings site! Check out the first 10 pointers now!

  1. Avoid Peak Season: Save $1,500

Get married in late Summer or Winter for up to 20% off your venue(s).

  1. Cut in Packs: Save $2,500

Shave one table of 8-10 people off your guest list.

  1. Embrace All-Inclusives: Save $3,125

Pretty self-explanatory. Packages deals are ALWAYS cheaper than purchasing (or renting or reserving) items and services and venues separately.

  1. Choose Local Flowers: Save $600

Seasonal, local flowers will always be cheaper than those that are out-of-season or imported from elsewhere.

  1. Have Fewer VIPs: Save $660

Large Bridal Party = Larger Floral Bill

Smaller Bridal Party = Smaller Floral Bill

  1. Sorry, No Shots: Save $1,250

Alcohol be expensive y’all! (Excuse my “real talk”!) Limit the booze and you’ll lighten your budget. 25% lighter to be exact.

  1. Focus on Deliciousness: Save $1,250

Limit your appetizers from 10 to, say, 4 that are really tasty. You’ll save about $10.00 per guest.

  1. Knock a Star Off the Five-Star Meal: Save $1,250

Serve knock-offs that taste 5-Star instead of 5-star selections themselves.

  1. Welcome Turntables: Save $7,300

DJs are MUCH cheaper than hiring live entertainment of any kind.

  1. Don’t Gild the Cake: Save $1,215

Choose a topping of sugar blooms instead of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon on your cake. You’ll have approximately $10.00 per slice of cake.

DA Weddings Tip: All of these tips are pure awesomeness! However, if you and your boo have decided which items/segments of your wedding are most important and least important, it will be much easier for you to figure out where you can afford to splurge a bit more as well as where you can cut back—and still be happy with your overall wedding!

For the remaining 4 budget tips, read the HuffPost Weddings article here!


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