Wildcard Wednesday: Boudoir Photography

This is indeed a “wild” card day because we’re discussing the HOTT, new phenomenon of boudoir photography!

Disclaimer: My intention is not to offend anyone in this post. And if you are offended, well, I don’t apologise. Why?? Because I can assure you that if you did a boudoir shoot for your hubby, he would NOT be offended!

Boudoir photography need not be raunchy or tacky. I do NOT support the porn industry in any way, shape, or form! That said, I do support healthy marriages and a nice chunk of that has to do with great, sexual intimacy. So have at it! Get your boudoir pictures taken!

And I HIGHLY recommend that you create a release form for your photographer(s) to sign so your pictures don’t end up plastered on the front of their website or, worse, online!

These should be for you and your husband’s eyes only.


Bridal Boudoir is the PERFECT GIFT to give your new husband! (And a surefire way to add some extra spice to your already spicey honeymoon!)

Boudoir Collage_Bridal

Morning After

This is for the bold couples out there! If you are comfortable enough with yourself and each other, the newest phenomenon in Boudoir is Morning After (the wedding) photography.

I recommend that you discuss this BEFORE the photographer pops up in your hotel room/bedroom the morning after!

Boudoir Collage_MorningAfter

Anniversary, Birthday, Anytime

Boudoir photography is also a great “anytime gift”! Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, just-because… you get the idea. Put all that La Perla and Vicky Secret to work!

Boudoir Collage_Anytime

Hot Mamas

And the pre-mamas need not have all the fun! [First-time] Moms  (think Bethenny Frankel) can captures their precious prego moments in their Boudoir as well!

Your husband already thinks that you’re radiant because you’re his wife and the mother of his child(ren). Why not capitalize on that??

Boudoir Collage_Prego

Boudoir Photography is NOT for the faint of heart, yet it is a beautiful artistic gift option which, if done correctly, will make you AND your hubby VERY happy!  Will you dip your foot in the Boudoir waters??


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