The Fiancé Equals the Spouse (My Guest Blog)

Today I did a guest post for my friend Driana Branch over at Wedding Night Bliss. (If you didn’t see her guest post for DA Weddings, you can read it here.) I happily returned the favour and wrote this post for her. (It also given me a great idea for a book I recently started!) So here’s a teaser of my post and you can read the rest on Wedding Night Bliss. Enjoy!


If you know anything about me, you know that I am absolutely, 100% obsessed with weddings! I can blog about them, talk about them, and watch shows about them for hours and hours on end.

On one particular day, I was watching “Say Yes to the Dress” and this particular bride was a manipulative, catty piece of work. It was one of those episodes where they had the disclaimer that the bride who purchased her Kleinfeld dress did not get married. Wow. That sucks for her! And yet I was so happy for the guy! However the breakup happened, I’m pretty sure that he was able to leave her and find someone who was actually considerate of him, his feelings, his budget, etc. And that’s when it hit me:

The type of bride/groom you are is the type of wife/husband you will be.
Now I’m not married (yet!), but I know a thing or two about weddings. From studying other people’s weddings, interacting with other industry professionals, and from my own “almost” fiancée experiences, I’ve learned that what happens during the wedding planning stage is an extremely accurate forecast of what the marriage will look like….
P.S. If you’re a wedding industry pro, don’t forget to submit something for DA Weddings second Annual March Guest Blog Campaign! Read all about it here!

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