Valentines 101: Valentine’s Day Wedding Theme (Reblog), Enjoy!

Fantastical Wedding Stylings

Ah Valentine’s Day, when love is in the air!  Why not choose such a glorious day to be married?  And you need not be married right on Valentine’s Day, but anytime in the month of February.

You can play with the colours of red, pink, and purple with accents of white, silver, gold, and black.  Not to mention all of the fun flowers you have to choose from: red roses and tulips, pink hydrangeas and peonies, lavender, lilac, and more.

You can make hearts out bouquets, cakes, cookies, macaroons, doilies, ect.  You can also have festive drinks by serving raspberries or strawberries in your champagne, red or pink coloured signature drinks, pink champagne, sparkling juices, and red wine.  And don’t forget the red velvet cake!  Who could do without it?

For the more daring brides, you can wear either a red wedding gown [very daring indeed] or a white gown…

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