Guest Blog: The Myth of the Virgin Bride

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OK, let’s be real! Does the Virgin Bride actually exist? If I wasn’t one myself, I’d probably say no. To clarify, I used to be a Virgin Bride. Now I’m married and have a baby girl, so I think people know I’m not a virgin anymore. The cat’s out of the bag, I guess. Haha (But I do consider myself to be an eternal bride. I’ll always be my hub’s bride, right?) But back to the question at hand, does the Virgin Bride still exist? YES, THEY DO!!

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The “Myth of the Virgin Bride” is that we don’t exist. (I like to say “we” for solidarity.) We’re counted along the ranks of unicorns, fairies, and pixie dust. By the way, I think we can all agree that life would be a WHOLE lot better if those things did exist. Especially unicorns!!! Sadly, they don’t, but HELLO!!! Virgin Brides totally exist. I’d like to add Abstinent Bride to the list, as well. You may have had sex in the past, but decided to not have sex again until marriage. Well, you know what? You’re on the “Myth List,” too!


During the past year, I’ve been on a mad search for virgins and “abstain-ians,” as I like to call them. And I have to say, it’s nearly impossible! Haha! I can absolutely understand why they’ve been put on the “Myth List.” Not only are they hard to find, but there’s just not that many out there. I read somewhere that the virginity rate is around 4%. Eek!


You may be wondering why I’m so obsessed with virgins! Here’s why. I have an online course for Virgin and Abstinent Brides, called Wedding Night Bliss. Wedding Night Bliss offers 6 live, online classes to help Virgin Brides and Abstinent Brides have the most blissful wedding night and transition into married sex possible.


I need to find them so I can help them! Although saving one’s self for marriage is a beautiful thing, it does come with some potential pitfalls. I find that these brides are so busy ignoring anything sexual that they don’t prepare themselves for married sex. Then they have problems in their marriage. It may sound strange, but it’s pretty common. If you’ve waited your whole life to have sex, it’s not fair to have problems in your sex life once you’re married.


But that’s not going to happen to you!!! Because you’re going to email me at so I can help you have the most blissful wedding night and married sex possible! Wedding Night Bliss will prepare you to go from Virgin Bride to Sex Vixen. And if you have a friend that is a Virgin or Abstinent Bride, pass this post along to them! Don’t you want your friend to have a great sex life! Let’s prove to the world that we do exist!


The Blissful Wife

About the Author

Hello world! I’m Driana, The Blissful Wife. I am a stay-at-home mom to a beautiful baby girl, born September of 2011, and I married the man of my dreams in 2008. I’m a born and raised Christian gal, from Southern Cali. I’m the owner of Wedding Night Bliss, a series of 6 live, online classes that give Virgin Brides and Abstinent Brides the information they need to have a blissful wedding night and transition into the first year of married sex. Check out my blog, or send me an email at if you’re a getting married and say hi! Please also feel free to “like” me on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter, and subscribe to my blog at


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