My Birthday, My Wedding Theme!!

So yesterday was my birthday!!  Yes: I’m the big 2-7 now!!  So in honour of my special day (so sorry I wasn’t able to get you your Wednesday post!), I’ve decided to give you all an idea of what I would want for my special–nuptial–day!

The Bridal Shower

Think mothers, sisters, aunties, besties, grandmas, etc. all in big lovely hats with flowers, china patterns, and delectable dainties everywhere! And yes, pink and gold!

The Bridesmaid Luncheon

This is just that: a “luncheon” (or other gathering) for my bridesmaids and maid/matron of honour celebrating their “sacrifice” to be in my wedding. And although I don’t have intentions of being a bridezilla, I think you all can imagine how absolutely particular I would be about my entire wedding planning process! My girls will certainly need–and love–this “luncheon”!

The Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Classy, expensive (or at least expensive looking) featuring items like this Ceci Weddings stationery by Ceci New York, a gorgeous gown like this Vera Wang White gown (David’s Bridal), a chateau–or at least a mansion–and this FABULOUS Royal Crown Derby “Gold Aves” china pattern.  A white bridal gown, white (or champagne) bridesmaid dresses, largely white flowers, with colour various accents–namely gold and silver…a European, classical, faerie tale is what I want.  And I absolutely look forward to getting it!

Tell me, are these theme boards similar to what you would want for your various wedding celebrations??


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