This One’s for the Ladies!! Umm, I Mean, for the Fellas!!

Denzel, Blaire, Idris: what do these FINE, GORGEOUS, HANDSOME, FEARFULLY & WONDERFULLY MADE men have in common??  Yes they are men and black men at that, but that’s not my angle for this post: these fellas are well-suited, very well-suited indeed.

Mr. Denzel Washington

Not every man wants to rent or purchase a tux for his big day.  Other weddings are not formal to the extreme of requiring a white (bow) tie and tails.  So what’s a fella to do?  Buy a suit!

Mr. Blaire Underwood wearing his BU Collection sold at K&G.

Take a cue from these fine specimens and find a suit that fits your style, body type (and budget) and consider it an investment: you’ll be able to wear it again if you like or resell it afterwards if you prefer.  But whatever you decide, your suit is bound to be a timeless look and make your bride happier and prouder of you than she already was.  Is that really possible??  I think so!

Mr. Idris Elba as featured in Esquire Magazine.

To Purchase Blaire Underwood’s BU Collection, visit K&G.

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