Guest Post: White Flowers for Weddings

A wedding is a happy and joyous event which requires careful preparation and one of the most important aspects of a good wedding is its flower décor. One of the most common choices for weddings is white flowers which are often encountered in nature.

Regardless of the season and the place of the wedding, white flowers are available in a variety of shapes, types and shades. With white being the symbolic colour for every traditional wedding, it is only right to add even more of it by choosing flower decorations and bouquets in white. This colour is the ultimate symbol of chastity, innocence, and purity. It also represents new beginnings and perfection. All of these symbols are what brides love for their weddings. White flowers suit any type of wedding in any season. Whether your aim is to have a classic, modern, casual, formal, or even a thematic wedding, white wedding flowers are the perfect choice.

Here is a list of a few useful suggestions for white wedding flowers:

  • The shade of white must be in accordance with the bridal dress as this will create a truly harmonic match or a contrast, if desired.
  • When it comes to corsages, arrangements, and boutonnieres, add some romance with white magnolias.
  • Arrangements can be prepared with ivory or creamy white flowers and lots of greenery.
  • A perfect choice of flowers for bridal bouquets is white hydrangeas. These flowers can be put in centerpieces and arrangements and match the bridal bouquet.
  • For a dramatic and stunning look, get a bridal bouquet of white calla lilies. The best shapes are round or a spray with a bit of green foliage.
  • If you prefer roses for your wedding as the ultimate romance flower, the most popular [white] types are Akito and Bianca.
  • For the admirers of tulips, white ones can be perfectly paired with roses and gerbera daisies.
  • A very popular bridal bouquet is made of Lilies-of-the-Valley. However, these flowers bloom between the end of April and the beginning of May, so your wedding day should be carefully planned for this period.
  • For pedestal arrangements at weddings, big white flowers are the ideal choice: Asiatic lilies or traditional lilies in white will not only add to the beauty of the event, but will also ensure a sweet fragrance.
  • Centerpieces can be adorned with various white flowers such as roses, lilacs, tulips, carnations, and calla lilies. Calla lilies are mostly preferred for centerpieces with their versatility and dimension; they offer plenty of possibilities for wedding arrangements.
  • If the theme of your wedding is classic and elegant, add some black accents to the white flowers. One way to achieve this is to add black miniature roses or other flowers. If you find the black flowers too grim, simply choose black ribbons.
  • Another way to add some elegance and a formal air to the event is by decorating the event with ivory and cream flowers.
  • When paired with greenery, white flowers create the perfect bridal bouquets. The colour green has a soothing effect and paired with the purity of the white, the result is stunning, sophisticated, and romantic.

In a variety of types, shapes, and shades, white flowers are popular for weddings and many other events (birthdays, Mother’s Day, graduation, etc.). If you don’t know which type to choose, simply ask your wedding planner or local florist for help. Choosing flowers for your wedding is an important part of the preparation process so do it wisely.

About the Author

Ella Andrews is an aesthete and dreamer, who likes writing and finds her greatest inspiration in wedding themes such as wedding traditions, honeymoon destinations, and especially in wedding flowers. She is focused on writing the best possible way. Find here what motivates her best in her writing endeavours:


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