Hello Dolly Wedding Inspiration

So I made a trip to the library the other day–yes, they still exist and are a lovely, cost-efficient alternative to Netflix and Hulu–and I picked up some books and a slew of movies, one of them being my second favourite Barbara (Streisand) musical: Hello Dolly!  (Funny Girl is my favourite!)

I stayed up late, very late, last night watching it while eating and cleaning (only I sweep floors at 2 o’ clock in the morning) and was once again struck not only by Barbara’s inherent effervescent fabulosity, but by her iconic golden gown.  This is the sequined fashion-forward gown that she dons for her return to Harmonia Gardens. I’ve always wanted a dress to echo hers, and while I have not yet found that dress, I have created a wonderful wedding theme board for you all to enjoy.


Perfect for an Autumn or Winter wedding, will you make Hello Dolly your wedding inspiration?


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2 thoughts on “Hello Dolly Wedding Inspiration

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