Purple Perfection

Who doesn’t love purple? Its majesty and richness is undeniable and historically proven and can be implemented for the bridal soul in many ways.  From Scottish Tartans (plaid) to ombre fades to floral prints, dyed lace, and Victorian ballgowns, purple is an excellent bridal choice if a Fall wedding!

What do you think about purple wedding gowns??


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6 thoughts on “Purple Perfection

  1. IF you want a beautiful winter wedding. My dream wedding which I didn’t get was White Velveteen with a Muff and a fur Hat. The bridesmaids dressed in Purple Velveteen with White Muffs and Fur Hats. The old fashioned style that one use to wear when riding a sleigh drawn by a horse through the snow. My mother in law changed my plans by making my wedding in the summer. However, I missed my purple as everyone does love purple and there are so many varieties of flowers to accent purple.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your hi-jacked wedding plans! If it helps, my grandmother changed several aspects of my mom’s wedding against her will. You should try a vow renewal–the wedding you and your hubby always wanted!

      • Sorry I’m divorced. I should have seen the signs in the beginning. Fifteen years of marriage and then it ended. I’m okay with it now. But it took me a long time to get over it. However, I chose brown wedding dresses with pink trim because I didn’t want to be traditional. My mother-in-law hated it. I liked it though and my mother made the dresses.

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