Ode to Summer

I can’t believe how fast this Summer has flown and that children are back in school again! We’ll miss the Summer, but we still have three more fabulous seasons to live through before we see it again.  I’ve written a poem to commemorate the passing of Summer to accompany this wedding theme.  I hope you enjoy both the poem and the theme board!


Good-bye to August leaves green and fresh and bright,

Good-bye to golden Summer days and lazy Summer nights.

Good-bye to bonfires blazing high and dances ‘round the glow,

Good-bye to Faerie folk, the Fay, who hate the Winter snow.

Good-bye to sun-kissed skin and bathes in crystal-diamond pools,

Good-bye to flow’ry fields and showers beautifully cool.


For Autumn comes with frosty glaze and grateful feasts of fowl,

And Jack Frost readies himself to make his glitt’ring, glist’ning rounds.

The snowy drifts will fast appear and beautifully block our way,

And kids will pray for fun Snow Days to frolic as they may.

Christ-Tide will come and go with joy and usher in the Spring

And Summertime will come again with happiness and glee!

~Desiree M. Mondesir


P.S. Please vote for me in the Wedding Industry Experts 2012 Awards! Thanks a mill!

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3 thoughts on “Ode to Summer

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