Merlin Wedding Inspiration

I’m not sure if you all have caught on by now, but I am a hopeless BBC fanatic.  Most of my favourite movies and television series are either made through that network or shown/adapted for its viewers. The show Merlin is no different.

Telling the Arthurian legend with its own unique spin–from the view point of a young MerlinMerlin has my full attention.  It’s got all the greats: Uther (Arthur’s father) and Arthur Pendragon, Lancelot, Guinevere, Morgana, Vivienne, and a court full of attractive, noble knights of the round table (which has yet to be revealed on the show).  Inspired by this medieval intrigue, dragons and dragon lords, apothecaries and warlocks, Druids and Britons, this show is sure to please if you if you’re a fan of fantasy, fairytales, legend, and lore.

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Enjoy this slideshow and wedding theme board!


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