Books & Movies: Marie Antoinette Wedding Inspiration

Hello all,

You’ve given me such a positive response to the “Breathe Again” Period Drama montage wedding themes, that I decided to do another books and movies wedding theme series for you all.

Today, we’re featuring Marie Antoinette which has probably the most AMAZING, FANTABULOUS costumes EVER!! This rich, affluent, revolutionary–literally–fashion is the basis for today’s wedding inspiration.

For the entire list of books and movies we’ll be featuring, just view below.

Here’s our Marie Antoinette slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please enjoy this fabulous wedding theme and be inspired!

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4 thoughts on “Books & Movies: Marie Antoinette Wedding Inspiration

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  2. I adore the dresses in these movies! I love watching movies like these! I didn’t watch the whole movie, but from what I saw it seemed pretty good. 🙂

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