Happy Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth!

Queen Elizabeth II may no longer possess the title of Queen of the American Colonies, however she is sort of like the “aunt” of America seeing as without the British, we would not be an English-speaking nation so we salute you Queen Liz and wish you another wonderful sixty years of reigning!

Sixty years ago at the age of 25, the wife of Prince Consort Philip, a former Prince of Greece and currently His Royal Highness and Duke of Edinburgh, as well as the mother of two children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne (and later two more princes: Andrew and Edward) was crowned Queen of England and Empress of the Colonies at that passing of her beloved father, King George VI after whom the rousing movie The King’s Speech is named after.

Although criticized by some for her treatment of the fabulous, yet not entirely innocent Princess Diana, as well as appearing to be stiff and aloof, we at DA Weddings think the Queen has shown a silent grace throughout her life and reign which is a phenomenal example for any woman of influence and power.  We can only hope that her heir, Prince Charles, will display this same grace when his chance to rule comes and we know that years from now when it is Prince William‘s turn, he will indeed follow in the footsteps of his “granny” and make us all proud.

In honour of the queen’s Diamond Jubilee, we wanted to create a fun wedding theme to reflect the celebration. We love you Queen Elizabeth, may your next years be your best! Long Live the Queen!

Please also enjoy this fabulous royal slideshow! xx

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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