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I recently did a wedding with over 15 children and while some behaved beautifully, well lets not even mention the melt downs by some.  This really got me thinking about children at weddings.  Inviting children to a wedding is often a hot topic between couples and their families.  Here are some of your options when planning your big day.

Avoiding meltdowns is the key to happiness on your big day

To  keep costs low and to avoid the risk of children’s unpredictable behaviour stealing the show on their big day many couples choose to have adult only weddings.  While it is ultimately the couples decision here are some things to carefully consider:

  • What goes for one, goes for all.  If your 2nd Cousin ‘Trudy’ can’t bring her 5 troublemaking children, your sister can’t bring her little angel either.     .This somewhat applies to young attendants, they obviously will be a part…

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