11 Wedding Stationary Items

Wedding Stationary is an intricate party of the entire wedding process.  They inform, update, answers questions, and give thanks.  There are also several ways to make your wedding stationary items stand out from the norm as well as remain in keeping with your individualized theme.  No boring stationary for you!

Take a look at these categories and photos and be inspired for your own upcoming wedding!

Save the Date Card

Sent to inform family, friends, co-workers, etc. of your up-coming nuptials, however, it is not the actual invitation itself; it precedes it. I LOVE the calendar style!

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card

This is to inform your dearest and best pals and sisters that they are officially your bridesmaids for the wedding ceremony.  It may include a sweet message from the bride-to-be, the particular girl’s role in the wedding, as well as the details of the bridesmaid attire and other important information. This particular photo echoes the bridal shower invitation box as seen in the Bridesmaids movie. Such a fun idea!

Wedding Invitation & Accessories

The wedding invitation is the single most important stationary item because it informs all the official ceremony/reception guests of their invite and ceremony/reception details as well as also including cards to indicate the amount of people invited/able to attend, menu options/selections, as well as the registry locations (discussed in the Registry Card section). I simply adore the family crest used in this stationary set!

Registry Cards

Typically included in the wedding invitation envelope, this stationary item informs the guests of your registry stores/locations/websites.  Or you can also use it to inform guests of your monetary gift preferences.

Wedding Week-end Itinerary

This is not a necessity, but a wonderful convenience for your bridal party as well as for the wedding guests.  Who wants to be in confusion at their loved one’s wedding? If your budget doesn’t provide for you to be able to have itineraries made for all of your guests, than consider having them made for your bridal party and out-of-town wedding guests.

Ceremony Program

This item, like at any formal event such as a graduation, banquet, concert, etc. provides the guests with a list of what will happen during the wedding ceremony as well as who will be participating in each role. Placing them on a fan is a lovely “kill-two-birds-with-one-stone” idea especially if you plan on having an outdoor wedding.

Place Cards

Unless you intend to have your guests sit wherever they land at your reception, utilizing place cards is an excellent idea.  It also gives you an opportunity, more so than the other stationary items, to personalize the items to suit your wedding theme. Like these compass place cards, you certainly have the opportunity to make quite an impression on your guests.  And if your budget does not allow for place cards for all, then consider having them for the bridal party and immediate family members at least.

Reception Menu

Providing your guests with a menu for the reception is a simple way to “class-up” any wedding reception.  Used mainly for formal sit-down meal receptions, you can list items such as your signature drinks/cocktail hour beverage options, appetizers, entrees, as well as dessert, dessert champagnes and coffee/tea.  I am in absolute raptures over this lavender-spruced menu!

Food & Dessert Signs

This is very important for your food, dessert, and drink buffets/stations.  (Especially if certain guests have particular dietary concerns.)  This is also an exciting, elegant way to label the different delectable options.

Table Signs

Table signs which indicate the different tables guests are to sit at are an excellent way to play with your wedding theme. Why stick with simple table numbers when you can name them afters cities or countries, books or movies, candies or drinks? Have fun with your signage!

Thank You Cards

There’s no need to say “thank you” to your guests after the honeymoon when you could say it at the end of the reception!  These little thank you cards are darling and express the sentiment just right I’d say.  Don’t you just love them?

Some of my favourite wedding stationary sites:


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